Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Elder Kennedy departs July 12, 2012.

Elder Kennedy is the last of the 'Red Group' to depart. He extended his mission for three weeks and was assigned as a traveling trainer. During that time, he served in Warsaw II, Bialystok and Lodz. He is one great missionary, and we will miss him. He arrived at the Mission Home and got ready for his final interview with President. Then it was dinner, testimony meeting and figuring out how to meet the baggage weight requirements for the flight in the morning.

As he was in his interview with President, I had asked the assistants to help bring some mattresses from upstairs (left over from the Relief Society Conference) back to the basement. After awhile, I heard some strange sounds. The Assistants were having a little too much fun- building a fort and then sliding down the stairs...

These two! What do you do? They are great missionaries, and they do work very hard. They also help with about everything there is in the mission...especially on days like today and tomorrow. Assistants have their own area, lead the mission in baptizing and teaching the gospel. So they do work hard.

After dinner and our testimony meeting, it was time for Elder Kennedy to 'leave something behind' so we and all who come to the mission home can look at and remember this great Elder. We have something from all our missionaries. Last week-end, it was really fun to have the Relief Society sisters look at all the ties and scarves. They all talked about the great missionaries and experiences they had with each one. We, in return for the missionaries leaving something behind with us, give them something to remember us and their missions. Someday we will show you what that is....

The Elders had a great night visiting and telling President all the great things that are going on around the mission. Elder Kennedy has had many great experiences in his successful mission.

The next morning at the airport was one of the easiest, if not the easiest trip, we have ever had. There were no lines, no excess baggage charges, no was just easy. We know that Elder Kennedy will have loved ones waiting for him. He speaks this Sunday in Church with his brother who is leaving for the Russia St. Petersberg Mission. It will be a wonderful and emotional day for Sister Kennedy. Thank you for serving so well, Elder Kennedy!

We love all these great missionaries. The saddest walk we have is after saying 'good-bye' when the missionaries pass through security and wave, and we head to our car. Yet we know how great it will be at the arriving gate to have them see their loved ones. Nothing is like a mission. Come join us!

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  1. oh Elders Myler and Basia....
    I do have to say I like your white shirt that looks possible crochet? It has a Polish vibe to it!


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