Sunday, July 22, 2012

Interview Trip continued...with a few surprises!

After a great Saturday, it was time to get down to the 'business' at hand.....interviewing the missionaries throughout the country. We had the opportunity to stay over in Wroclaw for church and meet with the missionaries there. The Wroclaw District: Sisters Young and Ence; Elder and Sister Sheley; Elders Marsing and Bode. We love and appreciate each of these missionaries. Each is working hard to bring the gospel to the Saints in Wroclaw. A special 'thanks' to the Sheleys. They have had their hands full with member and missionary needs....but those smiles have never left their faces! Senior couples are so critical and do SO MUCH GOOD out in the mission field. There are not better Senior Couples in the world than those serving in Poland! We love them all! This was a special Sunday for Marzena who was baptized yesterday. Today in church, she received the gift of the Holy Ghost to be a constant help to her throughout her life. Those participating in the ordinance were President Nielson, Brother Zan and Elder Sheley. This is Lucy's first time on the blog! Here she is shown with her mom, Agata, and big sister, Emilie. She was born the first week of June. Mom and baby are doing great! The Elders with Adam and Brother Klimek...two great priesthood brethren from the branch. Sister Ence and Sister Young had a great week...ending with their investigator, Marzena, getting baptized! Wioletta, Ula and Sister Malinowska....three great women who do so much for the branch and have been SO helpful to the Sister missionaries. They are warming up leftovers from last night's branch dinner to feed anyone who is hungry after church. They are shown with one of the new investigators, Stanislaw. Me and my #1 translator whenever I am in the Katowice District....Cindy! Cindy and her family will be moving to Las Vegas soon and will truly be missed here in Wroclaw. Palo Verde Ward, watch for her....she's darling! After church, the members like to sit and visit. Mariusz, Sister Sheley, Lucy and Tomek. This is a very family oriented branch. The members are very diverse....but love and accept each other like family....just as it should be! Saying 'good-bye' to the Wroclaw Branch....(LtoR): Eric (investigator), Marzena (new convert), the Sisters, the Sheleys and Lucy! We are on our way back to Poznan for interviews and District Meeting tomorrow. But first.....a few stops are on the schedule!About 25 km from the city, nestled in the forest is this 'hospital in the forest'. We are going to visit a very special member of the Wroclaw Branch. The Assistants are now traveling with us....but only President and I will be entering the hospital. President Cielenski has been hospitalized with TB....HE IS DOING GREAT! and receiving great medical care. He is in great spirits (anyone who knows him will not be surprised about this!), and the members of his branch are taking very good care of him. We wish him the best and pray that soon he will be able to return to his sweet wife and beautiful daughters.
It was great to see that President Cielenski is doing so well. He is loved by everyone.'s back on the road for us..... Along the way, we saw this stork who had built his nest on top of a smoke stack! The storks are everywhere and their young are getting bigger. In September, they will start the trip back to Africa. I'm not sure if I have shown this bridge before....does that mean we have lived in Poland too long? But, the pink color was eye-catching....especially in the I tried to share it with you.
On the way from Wroclaw to Poznan (if you take a small detour) is a small town called Swiebodzin. We have been there before, but there is a really good reason to return. On a recent road trip taken by our Assistants, they went by this town making their way to Poznan. They were worried they were lost. Looking down, watching the map VERY closely, trying to figure out where they were...they forgot to look UP! It they had, they would have seen... ...this magnificent statue of the Savior. When they returned to Warsaw and told us where they had been but they weren't able to find the statue, we couldn't believe it. Let's see....watching the map but forgetting to look UP....hummmmmmmm I see a gospel principle in that experience! They were so sad when they realized that they were SO close but had missed it that President decided to surprise them with a second chance. Me and the Assistants at the base of the 'Christ the King' show you the size of the structure. (Yes, they felt a little 'sheepish' when they found out how close they had been, but missed it...especially when they saw the size of it!) Elder Basha and Elder Myler will not forget this was a beautiful Sunday, a beautiful setting and great company. We appreciate all these good Elders do to help the mission. They work hard and are dedicated.
And what could be better than this? How about getting back in the car and receiving your favorite treat? For Elder Myler, it's a Kinder Joy egg; for Elder Basha, it's a KitKat! This day is 'journal entry' worthy for them! And it's back on the road.............

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