Thursday, July 26, 2012

On to Lodz...District Meeting and Interviews. 25 July 2012

Having almost interviewed most of our missionaries, we end this part of the trip in the great city of Lodz. There President was able to not only interview these great missionaries, but attend a District Meeting AND English class. Here are the missionaries of the Lodz District: Sisters Smithee and Masters. Two hard working Sisters such as these deserved a special little about some Princess cookies? They were delighted! Both are doing great with the language and in teaching. They have great desires to work and be contacting everyone. Elders Tiner and Tanner. They refer to themselves as "Las Vegas in the Boat". Both are from Las Vegas and Lodz means "boat' in Polish. These are tremendous missionaries. They called last night to let President know that have another investigator with a baptismal date. Elders Johnson (District Leader) and Roberts. Both of these Elders are doing a great job in Lodz. Elder Johnson leads great district meetings and is supported by his companion Elder Roberts. They serve well together and we have seen amazing growth in both of these missionaries. President with Elder Tarasevich who serves as the Branch President in Lodz. They are shown with Elder Johnson, the Branch translator, and the new translation system they received a while back. We have several members of the Branch who speak English and this has been so helpful! This is like the one we use in Warsaw I. We ordered this about a year ago and its good to see it finally arrived. After District Meeting and lunch, it was time to 'hit the streets'. Sebastian has some extra time today to help with street boarding. (LtoR): Elders Myler (Assistant) and Johnson, Sebastian, Elders Roberts and Basha (Assistant). The Assistants are in Lodz to do a mini-exchange with these good Elders. What makes YOU happy? The question the missionaries used today for an effective 'whiteboard' on the street. After having talked with many people, passing out copies of the Book of Mormon and setting up a few appointments, Elders Myler and Johnson head back to the chapel. It's Wednesday in the mission. What does that mean??? English classes start soon! Sisters Masters and Smithee show the sign-up sheets for Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced English. These classes start in the late afternoon (4:00pm) so our missionaries can be out on the streets during prime contacting hours (6-9:00 pm in the summer). The revised classes all across the country have been a huge success and a more effective 'finding tool' for those seeking truth. The Advanced English class today is taught by Elders Tanner and Tiner. The people attending this class speak quite well but want to improve vocabulary, comprehension and pronunciation. What better way to learn than to use the Liahona as their 9-week textbook? Reading stories, finding new vocabulary words and phrases are effectively taught as we 'preach the gospel' during the entire class period. Our students are loving this class and many are being taught by our missionaries in addition to the English class. The Beginning English class was taught by Elders Roberts and Johnson. Lots of repetition and group participation is involved here. But of course, it begins and ends with prayer and a spiritual thought....again remembering the real reason we teach english in Poland...."to bring others to Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel of Jesus Christ". PMG p.1 'My Purpose' I couldn't help myself. We have 4 missionaries in Poland serving from our hometown of Las Vegas, and we were all in Lodz... together. Of course, I had to take a picture! Our hearts may be in Poland, but 'Home Means Nevada' ! (State song we all learned in Elementary school!) Elder Tiner and Elder Tanner ...with us! -------------More Las Vegas in the Boat.


  1. Hello Sister Nielson! How exciting to see your pictures. Thank you for all you do for these great missionaries. I have been looking forward to your visit to Lodz since I heard you were going there.

    Thanks again and my wife and I are praying for you, you're husband, the missionaries, and the people of Poland.


    Fred Tiner

  2. We enjoyed the translation system when we were in Lodz.


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