Saturday, July 21, 2012

A great way to spend a Saturday in Poland!

Our Saturday morning started out in Poznan where we attended the baptism of Arsene. The setting was by the lake in the forest and it was beautiful. The spirit was there in abundance. This great young man was taught by Elders Skolmolski and Sorn. It was an absolutely beautiful day... the Saints of the Poznan Branch attended this great event. Not only was it a beautiful day for a baptism but also a grill! And that's what was going to happen next!

President Nielson and I had to leave before the grill was ready but as I turned around one last time, I had to take this parting shot. There is such great comradery amongst the Saints in Poland. They truly love and care about one another. I love that!

One advantage of arriving the night before was that we were able to visit Elder and Sister Reed at their great apartment where we had a great dinner and even better conversation!

We appreciate so much all they do to help the Poznan Branch. Elder Reed serves as the Branch President and Sister Reed serves in the Primary.

Thank you, Elder and Sister Reed, for a lovely night in Poznan.
Now...getting back to our fabulous Saturday........We left Poznan to drive to Wroclaw. This afternoon we were able to attend another baptism....

Marzena is now the newest member of the Wroclaw Branch. Here she is with Brother Zan who baptized her, Sister Ence and Sister Young who taught her and her daughter who said the closing prayer at the end of the baptismal service and did a great job!

The Saints of the Wroclaw Branch. After the baptism, everyone enjoyed a delicious dinner put on by our great Relief Society Sisters of this Branch. It was truly a great day in Wroclaw!

Welcome, Marzena, to the Wroclaw Branch. Here she is shown with her children.

There is never a better day in Poland than when we have a baptism. The Lord is truly blessing the church in this great country. We are baptizing some fabulous people....with strong testimonies. There are small miracles happening every day as our Missionaries are led to those who are searching for answers. The Lord is truly in charge of the Missionary work in Poland. My husband and I are so grateful to be a part of it!

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