Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bialystok- Out and Back Sunday 1 July 2012

We left this morning for a 2 1/2 hour drive to Bialystok. After coming back from Lodz last night on the newly opened A2 Highway, we were excited to do some more driving.... Well, perhaps not... but the drive to Bialystok is not bad at all. As you leave Warsaw and cross the Wisla River you go through the sound tunnels (thank you Marcin for letting me know what these are). The construction of these tunnels is now complete. They are pretty cool, and we sailed right along.It was a beautiful day. It's that time of year when people selling berries and mushrooms come out of the wood work...out of the forests, at least, to display their products. Certain parts of the road are lined with people selling fruits and vegetables. We rarely see anyone stop. But someone has to because there are many people who have their little jars and baskets all lined up. The storks are back! They are passing through Poland for about 6 months, have their babies then fly back to South Africa for the winter. This is a rare sight. Usually you see 3 storks in a nest...a mother, a father and a baby. This lucky family had twins! We saw this little cemetary with a small church in the distance and had to pull over and just take a quick picture. This was such a nice setting and a great morning. Some of our favorite friends were also out today. They were giving things away to certain drivers... now they had a lot more business than the berry people! The Euro Cup games ended last week and through the road construction zones on top of one of the big cranes some hopeful fan placed this enthustic fellow. We wished Poland had gone a little further in the tournament than they did.We arived in Bialystok and saw in the distance one of the many large churches in this wonderful city. Things this morning were still quiet and the weather was fabulous. Finally reaching Bialystok, we followed this cautious driver all the way to the chapel. Sundays seem to be the 'day of choice' for the 'L drivers' to be out. For someone to get a license in Poland, you must pay to take a driving course, take a written test and spend 30 hours in an 'L' car with an instructor. We just loved the "racing stripe" and this car. Arriving at the Bialystok chapel, Helena (a recent convert), is already there fulfilling her church calling. She has a few callings and one is to make sure the Hymnbooks are ready for use. Elders Walter and Manwill were in Missionary Correlation meeting with President Libbert, the Bialystok Branch President. The Relief Society of the Bialystok Branch: Patricia, Anna, Helena and Zoja...all great Sisters. They do a great job taking care of one another. Our 'traveling trainer', Elder Kennedy, was also in Bialystok. (LtoR): Elders Kennedy, Walter and Manwill. Expect some baptisms in this little Branch soon...they are teaching some incedible people right now.
It was such a great Sunday...a great spirit was at church, the members there are fulfilling their callings and it was a beautiful day..... Until we were on our way home and just outside of Warsaw. We got caught in a flash hail storm! I thought the hail stones were going to break the front window of the car! And the sound was horrible. But at least we were in a car! We pulled over and waited under a tree until it got a little better... These poor people were ALL drenched but had found some shelter under cover of a bus stop. It was truly a 'freak' storm. It only lasted about 15 minutes and then......... ...the clouds began to break, and we had sunshine the last few kilometers to the mission home. All in all, it was a great day. How can it not be a great day when we get to gather and mingle with the Saints in Poland? I love this church......and the people of Poland. This gospel makes EVERY life better!

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  1. Ha, ha, ha, here is the evidence - if you took that picture of people on the bus stop from a car it means you have broken the traffic rules - no access to that street except for buses, taxis and municipal services! ;-)


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