Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bydgoszcz Zone District Leader Training and Interviews

We arrived at the Bydgoszcz chapel early to start interviews. Coming up the street were our "traveling Assistants" who stayed with the Bydgoszcz Zone Leaders last night. It was a beautiful day and yet we knew it was going to be a warm one also. The Elders got things set up for our District Leader Training meeting as well and then everyone started showing up...First came Elders Gladun (Bydgoszcz District Leader) and Hannemann. They live close by and also arrived early as they were being interiviewed before the training started.Then Elders Skolmoski and Sorn from Poznan arrived. Even though we had just seen these two at a great baptism just two days before, Elder Sorn, the District Leader in Poznan had come for the training.Elders Klosowiak and Hayes arrived from Gdansk. Elder Klosowiak is the District Leader, and they were both interviewed after the training. This entire Zone is leading the mission in lessons, baptisms and doing so many great things.While the District Leaders were in their training meeting, their companions went out teaching and contacting. They are stamping their pass along cards with the address and information of the Bydgoszcz Elders. These three went out for two hours and had great success talking with everyone. These are three terrific missionaries. (Elders Hannemann, Hayes, Skolmoski)This training meeting was inspiring. Standing: Elders Gladun, Sorn, Myler and Basha. Seated: Elders Klosowiak, Hooker and Jensen. They set goals and made plans that will assist everyone in this great work. The Zone Leaders (Elders Hooker and Jensen) did a marvelous job with their training and discussion on what to do to help investigators better understand our great message.After a couple of hours of teaching on the streets, the three District Leaders' companions picked up lunch at our favorite mini-pizza place!It is always a treat to meet in Bydgoszcz with these tremendous missionaries. They have really been working hard and the results can be seen.The day is over and the Poznan Elders are off to the train, the Gdansk Elders had already departed as have the Bydgoszcz Elders. Elders Hooker and Jensen are now off to teach and contact. Another wonderful meeting. We are heading to Lodz for our 6th city in 6 days. We also have now interviewed 2/3 of the missionaries. This is really the greatest calling in the Church. We have the best missionaries in the Church alongside us. They do everything in their power to help invite someone to follow the Savior.

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