Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Warsaw II District Meeting....and the 'Dobra Strona' newsletter.

New faces in the Warsaw II District. We met this morning and reviewed lesson 4: "Revelation through the Book of Mormon". Elder and Sister Peck came in from the office next door and Sisters Holmgren and Forsey, Elders Szymanski, Kennedy and Pofelski from their Areas. Elders Dopp and Gudnason are our Office Elders, and they have a busy day. You'll see why soon.Elder Pofelski is the new District Leader. This was his first lesson in this assignment. He did a great job. He had everything prepared and lead a great discussion. He also left plenty of time for......Role Play! Here the Elders are teaching the Sisters the value of the Book of Mormon and why it is important to read the Introduction that explains what this great book is all about. After their discussion it was time to change.
Elders Szymanski and Kennedy (who has extended his mission for three weeks--the first week working with the Warsaw II Elders) also teach Sister Peck about why the Book of Mormon is your most valuable resource (besides the Spirit) in preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is truly Another Testament of Jesus Christ.
After the District Meeting, everyone quickly left to get to work...that of preaching the gospel. The office had some other important business that needed attention.The monthly newletter, The Dobra Strona, was being finished and corrected so it could be printed and mailed out. This month we featured Krakow on the cover with 6 miracles stories, Standard of Excellence accomplishments, pictures, articles, calendaring items, birthdays, Polish language tips, office business helps, photos of arriving/departing missionaries and those baptized since our last publication. Elders Gudnason and Dopp made the deadline, and we can relax for another month... WHEW! A job well done!

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  1. Is there a place we can download a copy of The Dobra Strona. We would love to read it.
    Marsha Jensen


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