Friday, June 8, 2012

Euro Cup Games and Warsaw is READY.

Thursday, June 7th...the day BEFORE the Euro Games started. Warsaw looked great...they were ready for the thousands of people that would soon be descending on this capital city.
At this well known intersection a giant soccer ball stands next to the palm tree where a 'Bread, Not Games' sign had been erected. It seems there were a few people that weren't in favor of the whole event!
If you look closely, you can see the famous face of Chopin...dressed in a Polish soccer uniform with soccer shoes slung around his neck. Even Chopin has gotten into the spirit of the games! In the following pictures, you will see how Warsaw has embraced the Euro Cup...
The above is a very cool wrap of the Orco building. It was my personal favorite. As always, much better in person!
The main train station...
Entrances to the FAN ZONES...where 1000's will gather to watch the games on big screen TV'S...
... like this one in the parking lot of the Palace of Culture and Science.
Bleachers where some will be able to relax and watch the games...
Another entrance to the FAN ZONE...
The Novotel Hotel. Look closely....
A couple of very brave guys are just finishing wrapping this building.
Just in time...the games start tomorrow.
All the advertizing is aimed at the Euro Cup.
Marszalkowska Street has been closed off and is now a walking mall for pedestrians. They are expecting over 200,000 to come to the Centrum area on game night.
Friday, June 8th: The Euro Cup officially begins...and the crowds are ready! As for me, I will be staying far away from the center of town. Traffic is bad enough in Warsaw without 10's of thousands of extra people.

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