Sunday, June 17, 2012

Changes in Lublin...

President Mecham and his 1st Counselor, Cody, were released today from the Lublin Branch Presidency. The Mechams are moving to England and will truly be missed. We appreciate ALL this great family has done to strengthen the church here in Lublin. Before these two men were released from their calling, it was business as usual....meaning, Missionary Correlation Meeting with Elders Mikolyski and Hancock. While the meeting was going on, members were starting to arrive. Mariusz is a faithful member who is always here early to greet and help prepare everything for Sacrament Meeting. We appreciate him. Releasing a Branch President requires the help of the District Presidency. President Dresler and his counselor, President Armstrong with President Nielson. All gave great talks today in Sacrament Meeting. President Dresler's wife, Magda, accompanied him to Lublin; and there she was able to help Mariusz sign up in Family Search. Magda heads the Family History Center in Warsaw and is passionate in her love for helping members find their ancestors...which is not an easy thing to do here in Poland. Records are written in Polish, German, Russian....depending on who was in control of the country at the time. Sister Gladun is getting some help for her family history. We appreciate the members in Poland who are learning how to work with Family Search...once you get into it, it's addicting!
A welcome sight for the Polish people....the May Liahona (in Polish) containing the General Conference talks of april 2012. They have just come in and we are getting them distributed throughout the country. President Nielson is shown with Elders Hancock and Mikolyski who are doing a great job (along with the members) in keeping missionary work alive and well in Lublin. Mikolaj...a future missionary and President Nielson's translator is also shown.
As we head back to Warsaw, we pass a few bridges that we have never seen before. Not the most beautiful....but interesting!
Something you don't see often....a really old bridge in Poland. Most of the bridges we see are fairly new and full of great design. With the weather finally warming up, we also saw many large gardens....
...such as this one....with lots of varieties of fruits and vegetables being grown. And then we saw several gardens like this...
What does this mean? There was always a large circular sign saying "KWS" out in front...
...and then signs with different names on them along the side of the fields of crops. Are these names of people who share the food in this field? Are they names of different varieties of the same crop? We are at a loss. Does anyone know?


  1. KWS? Probably kind of pesticide used at that field. As regards bridges - next time when you go to Gdańsk choose a local road through Tczew centre and you will see the most interesting bridge across the Vistula river, with parts dating from 1851 until today. And the bridge you spotted wasn't really that old, was built in the 1960s or 1970s...

  2. maybe KWS means 'Pick your own', if strawberies or other such fruits are growing there. Its a common sign along British fruit farms, you stop get a basket, pick your own fruit, then they weigh it and charge you.
    best check first though !

  3. not sure what KWS means but it looks very similar to what is done here in North Carolina on "test farms" different varieties of seeds are planted in test plots to determine performance under identical conditions. Seed companies do this quite often as well as pesticide companies etc.

  4. KWS looks to be one of several types of corn experimentally planted on that field. Here is an offer:


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