Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our New Missionaries head to their REAL mission life!

Well, today is transfer day in the mission. We have Missionaries heading to train stations all over Poland - anxious to start working in new cities with new companions. Our newest Missionaries are doing the same. Gathering the last of their belongings, everyone stops for one last picture in the foyer of the Mission Home...then we load up the cars. (This is a happy and an excited bunch!)

Today is a '4-car production'. Here we are getting them all lined up to load. Our destination?

Warszawa Centralna....the main train station in Poland. The Sisters pose for one last picture: Sisters Allen, Folsom, Howells, Jones, Ostler and Bezdjian.

And there they go.....manuevering their suitcases up the stairs, and the platforms where they will await their trains.

One last look as we send them out into the fantastic world of missionary work. We can't wait to hear their 'miracle stories' as they learn to plan, find and teach the people of Poland. (I feel like a mother sending her children off for the first day of school!) We love our Missionaries!

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  1. Great hospitality...maybe you can rest a little tomorrow?
    Sister Bokinsky


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