Monday, June 18, 2012

Getting Ready for a Big Transfer...Week of June 18th.

Transfer week is always stressful....but this one is particularly so. We will be welcoming 9 new Missionaries into the Mission and saying 'good-bye' to 10 of our stalwarts! That equals out to lots of food and lots of laundry!Elders Basha and Myler after the quarterly trip to Makro. We almost filled the transporter with supplies. The water and juice take about half of what we bought. We are ready for all of summer AND beyond. Next on the list of things to do...This transfer calls for a change in the office. That means an Elder is brought in for a week of training and the former Office Elder is sent out into the field. Elder Tanner's "send back out" dinner was "brinner" or breakfast for dinner. The Assistants (Elders Basha and Myler) pitched in with cooking the scrambled eggs with President Nielson on duty at the french toast.Elder Dopp (right) is coming into the office as Elder Tanner leaves. Elder Tanner was very thoughtful and brought flowers for the special occasion. This young man has been taught well! It was greatly appreciated! Elder Dopp will now help Elder Gudnason (left) with all the office duties.This is always a pleasant sight. Up on the third floor is our empty and silent laundry room. I go in there and feel 'the calm before the storm'! It will be over-worked again this week as missionaries come and go.
We are so excited to meet these new Missionaries (in just a few hours!); but at the same time, we are mourning the loss of some great missionaries as they head home to loved ones. We are so blessed to be right in the middle of it all. Nothing is better than a mission!!


  1. Elder Jespersen is so ready to get started, he can see our driveway from the MTC, and feels he has not really left home yet. Nice to see the Mission Home is a place he will feel so welcomed.


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