Saturday, June 2, 2012

Our quarterly CCM meeting in Freiberg Germany.

Being able to go to Freiberg for this meeting came with a few bonuses. The First Bonus: Just 30 minutes way from our destination lies this sacred spot. It overlooks the city of Dresden. It was here where President Thomas S. Monson, then Elder Monson-a member of the Quorum of the Twelve, dedicated the land of the German Democratic Republic on April 27, 1975. This is a spot that President Monson has visited several times since then.
There is even a small plaque commemorating this historic event in Church history.As we were driving to this location, it was raining extremely hard. Wanting to get a picture of it, we were a little disappointed. But as we got closer to the site, the rain stopped, the sun came out and a woman just happened to walking by so we asked her to take our picture. Just a couple of minutes later the rain returned and it poured. But the few minutes we were there was a beautiful and special occasion for us. It was a small miracle! It truly added to the sacredness of this place. There is a great spirit here.I happened to turn around and take President Nielson's picture as he was walking away from the look out point. There is a picture across from p. 301 in To the Rescue that looks very similar. The Second Bonus: Being able to attend the Freiberg Temple Friday evening. What a welcome sight! This temple was built behind the Iron Curtain. It's story is a miracle in itself. (See To the Rescue:Biography of Thomas S. Monson p. 308-313).
The Freiberg Temple was a great treat for us tonight as our meetings begin in the morning. We stayed in the temple housing behind the temple. This is where our Polish Saints come quarterly and have such a wonderful time. The next morning as the men were in the CCM meeting, I was able to help Magda (who is an ordinance worker) do some temple work for her husband's ancestors. What a special treat! Thank you, Magda, for giving me the opportunity to do so! While I was 'relaxing' in the temple, these two great ladies were in the kitchen getting lunch ready for the men and their families who had come to the CCM. By the time I got there to help, almost everything was done. Thank you, Sister Schutze (Area President's wife) and Sister Irwin (Czeck Republic's Mission Mom) for such a delicious lunch! Everything was wonderful. The May 2012 Quarterly CCM. (L to R): Czeck Republic's Mission President and District Presidents, President and Sister Dresler (Warsaw District President), President and Sister Pawlik (Katowice District President) and their family, Elder and Sister Schutze (Area President). Back on the 1 kilometer we will be in Poland! (Notice the difference in the German Republic of Poland sign and the Polish one.....) Yes, Polish is harder than German! As we crossed the German border into Poland, we had a calm, peaceful feeling. WE WERE HOME!

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