Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Great Day in Katowice (getting there) !

The morning after the first Euro Cup game in Warsaw. It was a beautiful morning and getting quite warm. Most of the people had gone home...except a few. Everything was clean...... and ready for the next day. There were hundreds of trash bins that were filled to the 'max'. They did a great job of cleaning up and keeping order. President was on his way to Katowice for a special event. When he arrived, he found this.... The old perons and platforms have been leveled. They are being cut apart and hauled off as the new Train Station is well underway. In fact, it is surprising how fast it is being built. This is part of the new building. Even though it is Saturday, everyone is busy and working. More of the structures and all the work being done on this new Station. This is looking down Warszawska street and the tram lines that run in front of the Chapel. It is a bit of a disaster now but will be wonderful when it is all completed.
Now for the reason for the trip... A baptismal service is being held and many of the great members of the branch were there for support. After the opening program, we all adjourned to the pool for the baptism. Here Konrad and Adam (getting ready to submit his mission papers) are escorting the Sisters across town. Anna is the newest member in the church in Poland. She is shown here with Rafal and her Missionaries, Sister Ence and Sister Jones. Her conversion story is amazing. She obtained a copy of the Book of Mormon from a friend who was going to throw it away. She read parts of it, called the number in the front of the book and told the missionaries that she thought she would like to be part of our church but would like to see the services first. NO PROBLEM! She loved the spirit she felt in our meetings. There are many people like Anna who the Lord is preparing for our message, and we are here to find them. This church is true...and I love being a part of it!

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