Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday....a great day of Missionary Work!

Today we had 3 baptisms around the country... First, Olek and Alicja were baptized in Gdansk. Their daughter has been a member of the church for over 20 years and has been living in England. How pleased she was to attend the baptism of BOTH her parents. What a great day in the life of this family! And how wonderful it was to have Patryk (a convert of less than a year) use his priesthood authority to baptize them! Shown also are the missionaries who taught Olek and Alicja...Elders Klosowiak and Hayes. Members and Investigators from the Gdansk Branch were in attendance to welcome this new couple into the Church. What a great Branch! We appreciate how they love and fellowship the new members of the Church.
Meanwhile, in the southern part of the country......Michal was baptized by President Najberg, the Branch President of the Kielce Branch. Three months ago, Michal didn't believe in God. What a turn his life has taken! After his baptism, he bore a strong testimony that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth. He knows that God lives and answers prayers. "This is no coincidence" he said. This is a great man. Elders Vreeken and Kennedy are shown with Michal. Above are members and investigators who came to support Michal. The Kielce Branch is a great Branch...and it is growing. Look for more baptisms to come shortly! does the Church continue to grow and be strengthened in any part of the world? You have great members who are missionary-minded AND missionaries who work hard and close with the members. The Katowice Branch did just that Saturday afternoon. They decided to have a 'Contacting/Grill' at a local park. Here's how they did it: Shown above are Anna (member of 1 week!) and Helena. With the help of Sister Ence, they are contacting a family relaxing in the park. Our message is for everyone....even your friends and family! Patryk (the Branch Mission Leader) and Adrian (member of the Branch Presidency) using 'short, bold statements of truth' to get this mother thinking about her purpose in life. It was a great day of missionary work. Books of Mormons were placed and lessons were taught.
How does a Branch Mission Leader thank members and missionaries for all their hard work? YOU FEED THEM! and that's what Patryk did! What a fulfilling tell others about our Heavenly Father's plan of happiness. I love this gospel....This was a great day throughout the country. The Church is moving forward and wonderful people everywhere are being prepared to hear and receive this marvelous message.

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