Tuesday, June 5, 2012

District Meetings: Poznan and Lodz

We started this week off by attending two District Meetings around the country. Our first city was Poznan where we met with these great missionaries. Miracles are happening, baptismal dates are being set and these missionaries are working at 110%! The Poznan District(L toR): Sisters Folsom and Smithee, Elders Sorn and Marsing (District Leader) and Elders Kalinowski and Van Bakel (Szczecin). The last two weeks their sacrament meetings have been well attended by new investigators. Elder Marsing did a great job conducting and teaching our District Meeting today. For lunch we put the Elders in charge of ordering pizza....which they did....4 SUPER LARGE ones, to be exact. Elders Sorn, Van Bakel, Marsing and Kalinowski showing the results of their labors. I thought to myself, 'there is no way we will eat all of this!' And then I remembered.... ...the biggest eater in the mission was with us! This is Elder Van Bakel's pizza ....and he's not sharing! Sisters Folsom and Smithee surprised Sister Reed with a 'birthday cake"....one of their own original recipes...peach shortcake (strawberries were hard to find this day!). Happy Birthday Sister Reed! It was a great day in Poznan with these great missionaries. They are making such a difference in this wonderful city.
Leaving Poznan, we made our way east to the city of Lodz where we would be attending District Meeting the next day with our Missionaries serving there. The Lodz District: Elders Tiner and Murphey; Elders Johnson (District Leader) and Szymanski; Elder and Sister Tarasevich and Sisters Mann and Masters. Again...hard working missionaries bring miracles....and miracles are happening in Lodz. A great group of missionaries! Sister Mann and Masters have been leading the mission in lessons taught for the past three weeks. Elder Johnson gave a great lesson in District Meeting and Elders Murphey, Tiner and Szymanski are doing great. This is a fun and hard serving district. Elder Tarasevich serves as the Branch President in Lodz and does a wonderful job. He made sure that President Nielson did not waste a minute as he lined up members of his branch for temple recommend interviews. Wioletta not only came in for an interview but stayed to help Sister Tarasevich with a children's project....quiet activity folders for church. The Relief Society Sisters will have a chance to help as well. Wioletta also does a great job with translation for many of the publications that are currently in the works for our Church materials. Two of our YSA's in Lodz also needed to meet with President Nielson. These are great members of the Church in Lodz. Jacek and Dominika were in attendance for some of our meeting and for interviews. They both help the Church grow not only in Lodz but throughout Poland.
This is day seven of this little mission tour. We needed to leave quickly following this District Meeting to get ready for another exciting and wonderful event that was taking place in the Mission Home in four hours....

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