Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Former Assistants then and now...

Here are three former Assistants with a great soon-to-be missionary, Elder Lanham. They were all at church for Elder Hillyard's homecoming. We welcome Elder Lanham who will be reporting to the MTC August 22. We look forward to meeting you. Please know that you are in our prayers now. Now....FLASHBACK! November 2011 Chopin Airport, Warsaw, Poland. Last November two Assistants (Hillyard and Dabrowski-far ends) were saying good-bye to their trainers and former Assistants (Garrett and Eastman-middle). Seven months later... ...it was one happy reunion as these 4 met up again with the return of Elder Hillyard. Even though they have lost the suits, white shirts and name badges, they still look great! We love ALL our Missionaries ....past, present.......AND future! They all are special. I have always wanted a great big family....and now we have one!

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