Saturday, September 24, 2011

What a great day in Poland...6 Baptisms!

On September 24, 2011 Poland had some wonderful events going on. Besides service projects in many branches, SIX great souls entered into the waters of Baptism.

In Wroclaw this mother with three of her daughters were baptized in a beautiful service that was attended by members and investigators. Elders Ball and Marsing met this family a month ago and since then, their lives have changed.
At the top of Poland in Gdansk, Ania and Patryk were baptized by President Kempa in another beautiful service. Elders Garrett and Gladun had taught them the discussions with Elder Waits assisting them. The Branch members also helped in bringing these wonderful people into the Church.
After the Baptismal service, the Gdansk Branch got together to visit, to welcome their new members and to enjoy each other's company. What a great branch! It is growing and becoming stronger with the example and combined help from leadership, members and missionaries.
Leading up to this baptism that took place in Gdansk was a great Institute and Seminary "Kick Off" Grill . Over 40 were in attendance, most being investigators and neighbors. This Branch has great participation in these activities and more and more people are attending.
But let me go back to the beginning of the day....
It all started when we picked up the Assistants, Elders Dabrowski and Hillyard, and our traveling trainer- Elder Tribe, at 6:00am and headed to Wroclaw. Besides interviews and the baptism, these Elders will be on exchanges and work on the area maps for that great city and district.

What would be travel without eating on the road! (And there was a lot of eating going on!)

We dropped off the missionaries and then headed to the Wroclaw Chapel. As we were walking into the building, down the street we saw this little family walking in our direction. They glowed! We instantly knew that it was the family that was going to be baptized that day. It was a highlight to see them. We met Barbara, Daria, Weronika and Wiktoria.

Barbara has seven daughters. Three were baptized today, and we pray that the others will see the change that comes with accepting the gospel. We met two of the other daughters and they are just as wonderful. What a blessing to this family and to the Wroclaw Branch.

Barbara and her daughters with some of the wonderful sisters who belong to the Wroclaw Branch...Sister Malinowska, Jolanta, and Ula.
Barbara with Sister Jensen (a new Senior Missionary), Ula and Wioletta. These great Relief Society sisters have welcomed Barbara into the Branch with open arms! (This is what I love about this Church!)

Barbara's children have also fit right into the branch! Here they are with the Call kids (and their cousin), Emilie and Dorian.
We had several Investigators and people who attend English class come by. Barbara is already being a missionary as she talks to these young women about her conversion to the gospel.

The Wroclaw District: Standing: Elders Roberts and Hooker. Sitting: Elders Ball and Gladun, Elder and Sister Jensen. These missionaries are working hard...concentrating on families and are talking to everyone about the gospel of Jesus Christ. It can change anyone's life, and it is for everyone!

Interesting Mission Fact: We have 3 Elders from Lindon, Utah,who all attended High School together....Elders Ball, Hillyard and Tribe. We call them the 'Lindon-ites'!

After the baptism, it is back to work and back on the streets. There is no rest for these hard-working missionaries.
Lessons, tracting and contacting can make a missionary VERY hungry. So, where do you take a bunch of hungry missionaries????
You guessed right!!!!! PIZZA HUT! And they did partake!
Wroclaw is in very good hands. The Branch here is thriving, the missionaries are working hard, and great things are happening! The members here are great fellowshippers! That means...a strong, unified Branch with more baptisms to come! I can't wait! I love to see the gospel change lives. It has changed mine. I will be eternally grateful for the blessings that have come into my life and the lives of my family through living gospel principles. It is the ONLY way to live!

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  1. Please tell Starszy Gladun that Blake Gibbons says hello. My companion, Josh Madsen, and I met and taught his family when I served my mission in Poland from 2002-2004. I hope he is doing well. This site is awesome!


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