Wednesday, September 14, 2011

District Leader Training.....Warsaw. Sept 14, 2011

District Leader Training stop #2...Warsaw! The meeting started at 10:00 am and needed to end by 4:00pm so President could start his interviews and meetings with the members. Little did we know this would all end at 9:30pm. Kind of a long day but a Great Day!!!

The DL Council meeting consisted of Elders Leimer (DL in Lodz and has the city going strong), Fritzsch (DL in Warsaw ll), Vreeken (DL Warsaw l) and Hilllyard (Assistant). Seated: Elders Myler (Zone Leader Warsaw), Dabrowski (Assistant) and Sorn (Zone Leader Warsaw).

Its so nice for President to show up to these meetings and everything is ready to go. He just has to sit down and plug in his lap-top.

The Zone Leaders had the agenda planned, and we followed it to a tee. These are great leaders and examples of being prepared. They did a wonderful job today. The items that we taught in Zone Leader Council last week were passed on this week in this wonderful meeting.

The District Leaders of the Warsaw Zone: (L to R): Elder Leimer (Lodz District); Elder Fritzsch (Warsaw II District); Elder Vreeken (Warsaw I District).
It's time for lunch and with the help of our Family History Missionaries,

Sister Sheets (who has recently been transferred from Wroclaw back to Warsaw) and Sister Briggs...
Elder Fritzch and Godfrey had never had sloppy joes of course we had to take a picture of their first bite. They loved them!
In the afternoon session, they spent some time going over the areas in Lodz. Each city will have specific areas where the missionaries proselyte and contact. The days of gathering at the Centrum to "whiteboard" are becoming few and far between. We are going into the neighborhoods and making sure more and more people have a chance to hear our message.

Elder Leimer explains his ideas for areas as the Zone Leaders and Assistants look on. After some prayerful discussions, the areas will be drawn on the maps, and we go to work.

The District Leaders with the 'hot off the press' Dobra Stronas which they will take to their Districts.

Elder Vreeken surprised President Nielson with a can of Root Beer. Did he know that President Nielson has a birthday coming up soon? What a nice present! We split the one can of Root Beer amongst the 8 of them. It was cold and they loved it...

Now, tomorrow Katowice------

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