Saturday, September 3, 2011

Elder Hinckley leaves for home... 03 Sep 2011

Elder Hinckley has finished his mission and is on his way home to Portugal in the morning. He finished his mission serving in Krakow.

For his 'going home' dinner, the Assistants and the Warsaw II Elders came to say good-bye. L to R: Elders Eastman (1st Assistant), Davis (Warsaw II District Leader who had worked with E. Hinckley in Krakow), Hooker, and Hillyard (Assistant).

Elder Hinckley is not sure he want's to 'leave something behind in the mission field' by letting us have a piece of his tie. choice!
Everyone who visits the mission home signs our address book...including our departing Elders...who leave home and email addresses so we can keep in touch with them. Elder Hooker looks on (enjoying his brownies and ice cream) as Elder Hinckley makes his entry.
Elder Hickley was downstairs getting his suitcases situated, the other Elders had left and I was cleaning up and taking out the garbage. I went outside and almost had a heart attack. We had a visitor with 2 beady little glowing eyes!!!!
Can't see it? Don't worry....

Here's a close-up! It didn't move and neither did I! Ok, my polish friends, what is it? My guess is a hedge hog. Someone else who had come to tell Elder Hinckley good-bye! Good luck, Elder Hinckley...and thank you for your service to the Polish people.

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  1. Oh, Sister Nielson, it's an IGEL! At least that's what my children grew up calling it in their native Germany. Yes, it's a hedge hog, and they are the cutest little things. You know in the US, how there are cute puppies and kittens on kids' school supplies and such? In Germany, folders and books and everything else are covered in igels :-) You are so lucky to have spotted one!


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