Thursday, September 15, 2011

District Training Meeting....Katowice. September 15, 2011

Our 3rd (and final) stop...Katowice! We were met by these great Katowice missionaries who had just purchased a new sign for the building. Exposure is everything! They are excited to get it hung outside.
(L toR): Elders Curtis, Siebert, Elder and Sister McGrath, Elders Fletcher and Jensen.
The Katowice area is being divided into specific areas and here everyone is discussing the possibilities. Elder and Sister McGrath are able to drive the missionaries around and see what parts of the city could be in which proselyting area. Good things continue to happen in Katowice and in this Zone.
Katowice District Leader Training Meeting: (L to R): Elder Klosowiak (DL Krakow), Elder Fletcher (DL Katowice), Elder Ball (DL Wroclaw) and the Katowice Zone Leaders: Elders Siebert and Curtis.
The training session was great. In each city we have been to this week, the Zone Leaders presentations have been very different; and yet each one was exactly what that Zone needed to hear.

With all this hard work going was time for a break!
Lunch time with DeGrasso Pizza!

While everyone was in enjoying lunch, I was taking care of one of the duties of a Mission President's wife....that of 'mission nurse'! No, I have no real medical training; but I have been a mom and that experience gets me through most medical problems. I am only a phone call away from our Area Medical Advisor, Dr. Dahl, who is always great to help. Elder Kalinowski (serving in Krakow) has got some concerns about foot pain.
However, the pain in his foot is not enough to keep this Elder down. Elder Kalinowski and Elder Jensen head out to contact as their companions resume District Leader Training.

The Katowice Sisters, Sister Folsom and Sister Marshall, are ready to do some 'finding' as well. We love the Sisters in our mission. They are hard workers and very obedient. They have a great way with people and add so much to the mission. They are great 'finders' of those who are looking for answers to their 'questions of the soul'.

Our Senior couple, the McGraths are full of energy and a willingness to get things done. While the District Leader Training meeting is going on, Elder McGrath figures out a way to get more chairs in the chapel. The Branch is growing out of it's chapel...and that is a great problem to have!

Switching the chapel around, we were able to get 15+ more chairs in it. (Who needs a professional mover?)

The McGrath's adding some finishing touches by hanging the hymn number holder. Great job!!! The chapel has a great new feel, AND it now can seat many more members and investigators!

The road to Katowice is still torn up so President, the Assistants and I rode the train early this morning to get down to our meeting. It is a great way to meet wonderful people like...

this husband and father, Michol, who was very interested in the church's stance on the importance of family and being able to be with those you love forever. He was excited to accept a Book of Mormon and was happy to exchange contact information with Elders Dabrowski and Hillyard. There are wonderful families all over Poland waiting to hear our message. And we are ready to share it! Our grow out of every chapel we have in this great country! The gospel of Jesus Christ is for everyone. The message of the Book of Mormon is for us today! It is a great gift from our Heavenly Father to help us find peace and happiness in this life and in the life to come. I LOVE THIS CHURCH!

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