Saturday, September 17, 2011

President Nielson has a birthday!!!

It's that time of year again....President Nielson is celebrating his 2nd birthday in Poland.
The Assistants had contacted every missionary in the mission to have them write a personal birthday card to President Nielson. (So this is what all the note passing was during all our District Leader Training Meetings last week! Pretty sneaky!) It was a big surprise when they presented these thoughtful words to President. You have great sons and daughters who know how to express gratitude. Thank you , parents!

Elders Hillyard, Dabrowski, Johnson and Sheridan helped make this a fun day.
Let me back up and tell you how the day went...
First, President Nielson received 'Birthday boxes' from home...which are always appreciated!
President Nielson and some of his 'loot'...but we forgot one thing!
The TWINKIES!!!! And why did we forget them.....because as soon as President got them he put them in the freezer. You haven't lived until you've had a frozen Twinkie. It is the only way to eat them....and it is one of President's favorite treats! (Thanks for remembering!)

As the day went on, we got a nice visit from Dave and Lisa Lewis who are currently living in Gdansk and providing member leadership support. (And they're not even full-time missionaries but we will claim them!) They surprised President with a great new tie! Thank you, Lewis'!

The Lewis' had come just in time for a Birthday Bar-B-Que....with good, ol' American hamburgers, fries, and corn on the cob!

Our good friends, Elder and Sister Richards, stopped by to wish President "Happy Brithday"!

Our home teachers didn't forget President's birthday. Dominik is presenting President with his gift. Hummmm... what could it be? Dominik looks a little mischievous!
What started out being a nice little barbeque for 2 turned into a full blown party! That's what it's like here in the mission field! So....STO LAT President Nielson....and many, many more to come! Thank you for always honoring your priesthood, being a great father and grandfather and for loving me. I love you!


  1. Happy birthday from the Pawliks, President!!

    And I'm not the biggest Twinkie fan, but it sounds like they would be good frozen! I'll have to remember to try that!

  2. Happy birthday President !
    Even today, the sky thundered into the air :)



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