Friday, September 9, 2011

September 2011 Zone Leader Council...lots of changes!

Zone Leader Council went a little different this month. It actually started at 7:30 a.m......and you'll soon find out why!

Elders Myler and Sorn (Warsaw Zone Leaders) were the first to 6:40am! So....I put them to work. They did a great job making hot chocolate and cutting up fruit. Everyone was at the mission home by 7:30am for breakfast. It is seems to be a mission miracle...when there is food, everyone is on time!
The Bydgoszcz Zone Leaders, Elders Murphey and Lundin, having a little breakfast.
Elders Hillyard and Dabrowski (Assistants) and Elders Siebert and Curtis (Katowice Zone Leaders).
Now, you are probably wondering why Zone Leader Council started so early this month. Every missionary in the Poland Warsaw Mission knows that the first few hours of a missionary's day are the most important.
After breakfast and Personal Prayers, everyone scattered around the Mission Home with their scriptures and Preach My Gospel. Elders Dabrowski and Hillyard beginning their personal study at 8:00 a.m.
You could hear a pin drop in the mission home as Elders Curtis, Myler, Sorn and Siebert were involved in their personal study. Elders Lundin and Murphey were in the basement where they had more room.

When personal study was over, we moved on to Companionship Study at 9:00 a.m. sharp. Here the Assistants demonstrated the proper way to conduct Companionship Study. This was one of the Training Points we covered this month...effective Companionship Study. Effective study with Role Play, Teaching each other and Planning the lessons for the day. It is where you practice teaching, contacting methods, read pages from the Missionary Handbook and discuss what each learned from their Personal Study the hour before.
Companionship study was followed by an hour of Language Study. Then the Missionaries moved up to the top floor of the mission home for instruction from President Nielson. With a new 12-Week Training Program for New Missionaries (Trainers and Trainees) which is being taught at the MTC right now, the mission needs to be ready to impliment this in our next transfer. Subway sandwiches and Cheetos for lunch...
It was back for the afternoon Training and Discussion. We finished around 4:30pm. Before heading to the train station ... it was time to get ready for a group picture.

I'm sorry, everytime I look at this picture I laugh! But this is the pose they struck when I said 'Ready?' The Zone Leaders of the Poland Warsaw Mission! Elders Murphey and Lundin (Bydgoszcz), Elders Siebert and Curtis (Katowice) and Elders Myler and Sorn (Warsaw).
When you add the Assistants to the mix (Elders Dabrowski and Hillyard) you have got one very strong group. These hard working Elders are ready to teach the Districts what they have learned today....and that will take place next week as the Assistants, President and I travel throughout Poland helping these great Zone Leaders 'take the water to the end of the rows'! We love these missionaries. Great things are happening. At this time we are teaching more families than ever. Some wonderful baptisms are in the works! The members in Poland will be ready to fellowship. We love you, and we need your help! Thanks for all you do to help in the Missionary effort in this great country! I love my missionaries in the Poland Warsaw Mission!

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