Sunday, September 25, 2011

A great welcome!

All the 'women' in the Wroclaw Branch had a surprise for Barbara and her daughters when they came to church today! They were presented beautiful bouquets of white flowers, welcoming them into the Relief Society (women ages 18-109!), the Young Women's Program (girls ages 12-18)and the Primary program (girls and boys ages 3-12). A great welcome from a great branch!

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  1. Siostra Nielson,

    My name is Danny Jackson. I served in Poland from 2005 to 2007. I really enjoy following this blog so keep up the good work! I have a family friend who is about 50ish years old and is heading to Poland (a couple hours outside of Krakow) to do some family history work. She is looking for a member in Krakow (or any available member) whom she can hire for a day to act as a guide to help her not get lost. She does not speak any polish. Can you direct us to someone? Thanks,

    Danny Jackson


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