Monday, September 19, 2011

Lodz Branch for meetings on Sept 18, 2011

We got up early Sunday morning to get ahead of the Warsaw traffic and to get to Lodz for meetings. Along the way, we stopped to take a picture of these huge "Windmills" that are being constructed all over Poland. I am not sure how tall they are (I would guess 8-10 stories?) and the blades they install are just as huge. Another way to produce electricity.

As we were getting back in the car, we see this nice elderly man out walking his milk cow. The modern next to the real down-to-earth...and both providing for our needs. Poland has it all, just look around.
We arrived at the Chapel and were greeted by these great missionaries. We brought cases of copies of the Book of Mormon and other proselyting pamphlets. The work is going well with a baptismal dates set in a couple of weeks. Elders Berry, Darowski, Pofelski and Leimer. With them is Elder Tarasevich, Branch President.
Just around the corner came the Sisters. Sisters Stay and Allen. They are the best. They work as hard as anyone and are never without a smile and a greeting.
The weekly Missionary Coordinating Meeting in Lodz...set up so the Missionaries can update the Branch Council on investigators. It is in this meeting that plans are made for fellowshipping, member lessons and to assess the needs of investigators that members can assist with.
Branch leaders- Mussa, 1st Counselor, Elder Tarasevich the Branch President and Marek the 2nd Counselor/Young Men President.
Wioletta and her daughter, Orianna. Wioletta heads the translation team in Poland, and she is busy. We thank her for all she does. They are getting ready for General Conference in two weeks where they will translate in the Wolska Chapel the entire weekend.
Dominka, Sabastian, her sister Basia and son Oliwer. Its always great to visit with these good members and friends.
Sister Tarasevich with Emily who is in her last year of Medical School here in Lodz. If you will remember a few months ago, we visited her brother in the hospital. Emily is a blessing to the branch.
President and Jakub. What a great man. We appreciate him and are grateful for having him as a friend and support to us. We look forward to our visits in Lodz and especially meeting with Jakub.

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