Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A New School Year- - - - Grandchildren growing up.

School is starting and that means 5 of our 9 grandkids will be heading to further their educations!Our daughter, Devin, with Riley (preschool) and Chloe (Kindergarten) who are going to a new school this year. They are both very excited.
Ty (2nd grade!) and Lexie (Kindergarten) are ready for their 1st day. Being in 2nd grade, Ty is a 'pro' at this and will be able to be a big help to Lexie.
We're still waiting for Halle's picture of her first day of school......send it and we'll add it to the post! We can't believe all the grandkids are getting so big! "Remember who you are!" is what I used to tell my kids every day when they left for school. So grandkids, "Remember who you are, and remember that Grandpa and Grandma love you!"

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  1. Sorry! I mailed you the picture because I didn't know you were waiting for it to post on your blog!


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