Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Elder and Sister Jensen Arrive!

Elder and Sister Jensen arrived from the MTC and are ready to hit the road running. This was an easy arrival. Flight BA 850 was only 35 minutes late, no lost luggage but BOTH parking garages at Warszawa Chopin Airport were closed. Where to park? The Marriott Courtyard had a few spots open, and we took one!
Elder and Sister Jensen will be assigned to Wroclaw as YSA/MLS missionaries...serving with the Young Single Adult program and Member Leadership Support. The Jensens are eager to serve and have a wonderful desire to assist wherever they are called. We are so excited to have them in our mission.
Elder Jensen arrives and even though he did not sleep for 20 hours, he looks energized and ready to serve!
Sister Jensen may have slept for one hour, and she looks even better. They arrived and we couldn't help but realize what a great spirit they both bring to Poland.
On to the mission home for more visiting, dinner and then quickly to bed to prepare for "transfers" tomorrow. The Office Elders came by, later that evening, for a minute to explain how to obtain a Residence Card that they will apply for in Wroclaw.The next morning, orientation was provided by the Richards and Pecks. Elder and Sister Richards are training Elder and Sister Peck as the new Office Couple. The Jensens were instructed on the 'nuts and bolts' that senior couples need to know such as... purchases, finances in the mission field and some of their responsibilities. Now, we are ready for some purchases and final departure for Wroclaw.

Since missionaries do not open checking accounts in Poland and checks are non-existant here, cash or wire transfer is the mode of payment. Here the Jensens make their first (of many) visits to an ATM. With a little cash, they are ready to make their first purchase in Poland!

After a stop at the mall to take pictures for their Residence Cards, we decided to show the Jensens how grocery stores operate in Poland. (Just a little differently than in Alpine, Utah!) As the cashier scans the items, they are pushed to the end of the counter and the customer is responsible to "bag" everything. If you don't have your own plastic sack, you can buy one.
Then you hurry and get everything put into your grocery bag. These are busy lines and people are not thrilled if you slow things down. As crazy as this sounds, shopping for groceries can be one of the scariest moments for new arrivals from the States.
Back at the Mission Home for the final send-off! One important entry into the GPS is their new address in Wroclaw. The Jensens have a long drive ahead and were brave enough to want to head out directly from the Mission Home (without following us to the edge of Warsaw through the traffic!)

Welcome to the Poland Warsaw Mission, Elder and Sister Jensen. We are thrilled you are here serving the Lord alongside our great missionaries and other senior couples. We love you and will see you in Wroclaw on Saturday. (There is a great event happening there, and it has to do with a family!) Stay tuned!

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