Sunday, September 4, 2011

New Senior couple arrives in the mission field!

It is always exciting to get a new Senior couple in the mission field. Senior missionaries add so much to the strength of our branches. They all come with much experience and the ability to love and nurture the people. Shadow leadership is the key....and senior missionaries are very good at it.
Saturday night, we welcomed Elder and Sister Peck from Seattle, Washington to the Poland Warsaw Mission. They have been assigned to be our new office couple.
After visiting for a few minutes and collecting the luggage, we packed their bags in the cars....
...and headed to the mission home for dinner, visit a little more and put them to bed. The flight over was very long, but on time....and no bags were lost!
Sunday morning we were up early; and we all attended church at Elder and Sister Peck's new branch, Warsaw I. It was a great day...
We were able to meet the Hiatt family who are here in Warsaw on a work assignment. They will be leaving in 5 weeks but have been an asset to the branch since they have been here. I heard they will be heading to the Holy Land and their 8 year old son will be involved in something special and wonderful. How great would that be....
We were able to 'catch-up' with Rafal and Agnieszka who are expecting their baby girl on Christmas Day. (Agnieszka was released as the Branch Relief Society President today.)
We were able to witness the blessing of Isaac Jagard who was blessed by his father, Jonathan. There were many non-member friends in attendance to share in the happy event.
Sylwia Zelewska (on the right)was called as the new Relief Society President of the Warsaw I Branch. Here she is shown with her friend, Gosia (Left) who is currently serving as the Warsaw District Relief Society President.
After the meetings, there was lots of visiting in the foyer.
We can't forget our great missionaries of the Warsaw I branch! (L to R): Elders Myler, Vreeken, Kennedy and Sorn; Sisters Ellis and Mann. Hard working missionaries that are thankful for all the support they get from this great branch. There is a missionary spirit that is taking hold in this branch, and it is making a difference in the work! After we left, President mentioned it was good that I took this picture as we have transfers this Thursday.... At last, we gathered the Pecks for one 'group' shot, and we were off to take them to their new apartment.
Getting everything unloaded and ready to take it up to the 3rd floor. The Jarosz' accompanied us so President Jarosz could show the Pecks how everything worked in their new home. I'm sure it will feel good to be settled! They start in the mission office tomorrow at 9:00 am sharp!

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