Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Surprise visit to Lublin

President and I didn't expect to find ourselves in Lublin today. With the unexpected District Leader Training meetings we were going to be doing next week all over the country, we needed to visit a branch that was close to Warsaw. That would be this great branch....the Lublin Branch.

Some of the great members of this Branch....Front row: Beata; Bailey, Cole, Becky and McKay Mecham. Middle Row: Mariusz, Colby, Grace, Jasmine, and President Mecham. Back Row: Lacey and Troy Potter; Elders Marsing and Basha. It was a great meeting, and we even had a non-member family in attendance today!
We are so grateful for all that these great men do for this branch. President Mecham has been the Branch President for 2 weeks now and is doing a great job. Elders Marsing and Basha are thrilled to be able to devote 100% of their time to missionary work instead of worrying about running the Branch. Because it was September 11, Elder Basha was wearing his patriotic tie.

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