Saturday, June 15, 2013

We made it to Gdansk!

 Gdansk is a beautiful, beautiful city PLUS it is 'home' to one of my favorite 'icons' in Poland....the Gdansk Crane. Built in the middle 15th Century, it was the biggest crane in medieval Europe. It was used to transfer heavy cargo and lift masts onto ships. It suffered considerable damage in WWII, but has been carefully rebuilt.
 The Gdansk harbor is home to large cargo ships.....
...and fun pirate ships which stop in from of 'Amber Alley' to pick up loot!
 This BIG oil tanker is in the midst of being built. I wish you could see just how huge it was!
The variety of sailing vessels continues as a rowing class goes by.
 This shipyard is FULL of Polish history. Above is the factory where Lech Walesa worked as an electrician. It was here that the Solidarity movement was born. He assisted Poland in moving from a communist to a post-communist state.
 Also along the harbor is our 'home away from home' in Gdansk....Qubus Hotel. This last trip (wouldn't you know it!), I discovered the most wonderful Amber store along the river called Michel's.
It is a family owned business (3 generations of artists!). These talented jewelry makers have some stunning pieces...all unique! I was so impressed with their selection that I had to take a picture. Dominik (right) is one of the owners/artists.
It was a very nice way to spend an extra hour....seeing some sights of a very special city. Now....back to church business!

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