Sunday, June 23, 2013

Our last Sunday in Poland....

The Wolska Chapel: Everything in Poland is in bloom. The country is green, green, green. Trees and bushes are trimmed so the chapel is beautiful AND visible! 
However, for our last Sunday in Poland, we had a big rain storm...big enough that everyone was running to the chapel in order to not get wet.
Well, everyone but Ania! She had come prepared in her 'Ladybug' rain attire and simply sauntered into church!
It's so great to be with the members of the Warsaw I Branch this last Sunday in Poland. It is fitting...since our first Sunday in Poland we also attended this great Branch. Lots of things have happened in the last 3 years...
Bogdan and Julia's girls were born and are now walking. Good thing, because another baby is on the way! Building the church in baby at a time!
The Cordoba family has also grown up...
The nursery is small but soon Isaac will be joined by friends.
Today the Primary is feeling the effects of summer vacation....but we have several children who attend. Marta and Liz do a great job teaching gospel principles that will these children throughout their lives.
Some of the great Priesthood brethren of the Warsaw I Branch (and a visitor!) (Robert, Dominik, Godfrey, Brother Woods--who is back for a few weeks in Poland for business) and Rafal. We thank these good men for all they have contributed over the years to the Church in Poland.
Sunday School class with Roza, Sister Howells, Sara, Jagard nieces, Magda (their instructor) and Ula. 
The Branch President (President Jagard) and his wife are expecting a baby boy! 
We had several YSA's in the Warsaw I Branch today. they always have a great time when they are together. (Agnieszka, Kamila, Dagmara, Patrycia, Ada, Ewa and Sister Antkowiak....who is now a full-time missionary serving in Poland waiting for her Visa to the States.
The Sisters in Relief Society had a wonderful lesson.  We have such a great group of Sisters who care about each other and love the Lord.
Agnieszka and her daughter, Maria, with a gift I have been waiting until she was old enough to give her. This 'doll' has always been a favorite 'quiet toy in church' with my granddaughters.
We even had 'visitors from afar' at church today...four great women (1 member and 3 investigators) from Canada. They are in Poland doing Family History Work.They were guests of my sweet friend, Beata from Lublin who had come to say 'good-bye'.
It was a wonderful Sabbath Day. It is always a great day when you are around people you love...especially in Church!
After church, Iwona and Beata were trying to help me with some translations.  The joys of being in Poland and trying to get my thoughts across.
No, I am not  fluent in the Polish language; but it doesn't matter. The best form of communication in the Church is Spirit to Spirit. There is never a language barrier when it comes to communicating this way. President Nielson and I love the Polish people....especially the members of the Church. They have taken us in and helped us and loved us back. A big THANK YOU to our dear, dear Polish friends!  Iwona has always been there when I needed her.  I owe her big time.
We also had some big things going on in the mission tonight.  Our 1st Assistant, Elder Tiner, is being transferred to Lublin and will be a trainer.  He leaves this week, and tonight would be the only night  we could have him in for his "farewell" dinner.  Joining us are the Office Elders (Elders Manwill and Cieslak), the Warsaw Zone Leaders (Elders Tingey and Raines) and Elders Tiner and Zelezniak.  Elder Tiner will do great thing in Lublin.  Elder Raines has been called as our new Assistant and he will be busy!  Tuesday, we receive a large group of new missionaries from the MTC in Provo.  Oh, what a busy time it is for us.  But there is no better way to serve a mission than just be constantly busy...and that we are!

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  1. Sister Nielson It has been so fun to follow along with all your adventures in Poland. Thank you for your service!I know how the end must be bittersweet for you and President Nielson. I am a returned missionary from The Warsaw mission and I think of it everyday. In fact my husband and I just returned from a trip there where we ran into the sweet sisters serving in Krakow, it was so great to converse with them for a while! I'm definitely going to miss all the updates from this blog. Best of luck to you and President in the new adventures that will await you on your return. Cheers!


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