Thursday, June 27, 2013

Transfer Day at Warszawa Centralna.

 While some of our new arrivals left the night before from the mission home, the rest of them found themselves in downtown Warsaw getting ready to board trains for their various cities. (LtoR): Sisters Mikalauski, Ellis, Hemming, Whiteley, Petherbridge; Elders Anderson, Hardy and Pieper.
 Making sure everyone had their bags, we headed into the train station...Warszawa Centralna.
 Inside, President Nielson was showing these new Missionaries how to read the schedule.
 Taking a look at the tracks, it was just starting to get busy. We had beat the 'rush hour' traffic!
Down on the platform, Elder Zelezniak (Center) was making sure that missionaries all over Poland were moving....and moving in the right direction! Good thing he had a few 'veterans' like Elder Boyce and Elder Tingey to help direct traffic. We got word several hours later that transfers had been successful. Everyone was in their new and sound! That's always a relief! The Lord watches over his missionaries. We haven't lost one yet!

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  1. Beautiful pictures and great post! For me that is looking for infos about such a "hidden" country this was really helpful, congrats. Also I need Warsaw city tour .


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