Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Katowice Zone Conference...June 2013.

This was NOT staged...even though it looks like it was!
(For those of you who wonder how we get everyone looking and smiling and keeping their eyes open for a photo, here is what it usually looks like right before we take the shot. I saw this and had to add it. But...when it's time to start, these missionaries settle right down and it's business as usual!)
 And this is the photo that gets blogged!
The Katowice Zone: The next morning we left the mission home at 6:00am found ourselves on a train to Katowice to meet with these great missionaries. Even though it was a beastly hot and humid day, it was great to be with them for our last Zone Conference together. Here they are by Districts:
 The Wroclaw District:  Sisters Bezdjian (Sister Training Leader) and Blake; Elders Stumpf (District Leader) and J. Smith. Sitting: Elder and Sister Durrant.
 The Krakow District: Elders Dodge and Walter (District Leader); Sisters Allen (Sister Training Leader) and Young.
 The Katowice District: Elders Dopp and Neuner (Zone Leaders) with Elder Rittmanic (District Leader); Sisters Packard and Pearson.  Sitting: Elder and Sister Reed.
The Kielce District: Elders Blom and Lanham (District Leader); Elders Brown and Meherg.
Zone Conference began with instruction from our Assistants and then the Zone Leaders.
Just before lunch, it was time for our 'Missionary White Handbook Chase'.
Each companionship was up to the challenge... they flipped to the correct page to find the answers to the questions asked.
 The 'winners' got first choice of the prizes. Congratulations, Elder Walter and Elder Dodge, for a job well done!
It was time for lunch and Elder and Sister Reed with Elder and Sister Durrant had fixed a wonderful meal for a group of very hungry (always!) Missionaries.
 Lunch time means time to celebrate birthdays. 'Sto Lat' to Elder Dodge and Sisters Allen, Packard and Reed.
And now for the part of Zone Conference that everyone has been talking about for weeks (as they tried to figure out just what special article they wanted to leave behind...)
We started with the Zone Leaders, Elder Neuner and Elder Dopp...
Who were followed by Elder Rittmanic.
 Elder Lanham (smile!) and Elder Blom were next...
...and then came our Wroclaw Elders, Elder J. Smith and Elder Stumpf.
Elder Walter and Elder Dodge were up next.
Then came Elder Meherg and Elder Brown.
Now for our wonderful Senior Couples......We started with Elder and Sister Reed...
who were followed by Elder and Sister Durrant.
Ok, Sisters....your turns!   Sister Allen and Sister Young each gave me something to remember them by... did Sister Pearson and Sister Packard.
 Last but not least, Sister Blake. Her companion, Sister Bezdjian will wait until next week to make her donation.
One of my favorite pictures.....the whole group! We love and appreciate each one of these missionaries. They work hard and strive to be obedient in every way. They love the people of Poland and want so much to bring them something that will change their lives for good. Speaking of the people of Poland...
Shortly after Zone Conference ended, we were privileged to hold a member/investigator fireside with the Katowice Branch. It was great to be able to say 'good-bye' to some very dear members and to meet the incredible investigators our missionaries are teaching. I love this work! It truly brings joy to one's life!
We arrived back in Warsaw after a very late train ride home. We got to bed just after midnight but what a great day.  One more Zone Conference to go.....

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