Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We have new Missionaries!

Today was a very busy day as we continued to get everything ready to leave AND assisted in the arrival of 11 new missionaries.
Godfrey was there to make sure that the grounds of the mission home looked great for these new additions. President Nielson gave Godfrey a 'thank you gift' (a BYU hat!) to thank him for all the help he gives the missionaries on lessons. Godfrey has a solid testimony and loves to share the gospel with others.
Now it's on to the airport....
Keeping with tradition, our Assistants each received a 'Kinder Egg' to help pass the time while we wait for the arrivals. (The KinderJoy's  have especially great toys in them and can only be purchased in the hot summer months!) We are grateful for Elder Raines and Elder Zelezniak for their organization of this transfer.
It was finally time to meet our new missionaries....

Sister Mikalauski is from Kearns, Utah. She and Elder Raines, also from Kearns, surprisingly found out that they know many of the same people.
Sister Whiteley is from Provo, Utah.
Sister Ellis is from Sandy, Utah.
Sister Petherbridge is from Annapolis, Maryland.
Sister Ott is from Salt Lake City, Utah.
And our last Sister, Sister Hemming, is from Liberty, Utah. What a great group of new Sister Missionaries. They are so excited to be in Poland to finally start sharing the gospel... in Polish.
Now for our new Elders....Elder Anderson is from Hauula, Hawaii. (Winters will be different for him!)
Elder Pieper is from Taylorsville, Utah.
Elder Swicegood is from Broomfield, Colorado.
Elder Hardy is from Chino Hills, California.
And our final Elder, Elder Fotu, is from Highland, Utah. Again...these are a fine group of Elders that are here in Poland to serve their Savior.
President Nielson and I would like to extend a big WELCOME to these new missionaries. We are so glad we got to meet you and feel your strong spirits. You will be a great addition to the already great missionaries we have serving all over the country. Witamy!
Getting everyone home to the mission home (with all their luggage, I might add!), we got them all situated, President interviewed them and then it was time to eat. All rapidly came to the table....they were hungry!
After dinner, we had a special guest drop by...
Marcin came by to return a book but ended up putting on a 'mini-fireside' as the missionaries listened to his conversion story. We love and appreciate him and his good family as they help to build the church here.
Well, the new missionaries are sound asleep. Good thing....they have a big day in the morning...their first FULL day in Poland as full-time missionaries. It's going to be exciting!


  1. Thank you for this post Siostra Nielson!

  2. I have been looking forward to seeing my daughter with you there in Poland. I've enjoyed your previous posts as well. Thank you for all your service.

  3. I can't believe you are almost done! I have loved reading your blog over the last 3 years. Sorry I didn't always comment... But I did always read it every week and loved hearing all of your adventures. I hope and pray that my missionary has wonderful mission presidents like you. He gets a new one this week. Thanks for sharing your amazing adventure and testimony with us!!

  4. Hello,
    I found your beautiful blog by looking for LDS Polish connection online.
    We live in Kentucky. On vacation in Wisconsin last week, we met a very lovely young university student from Lodz, Poland. She is returning to Poland soon, but would like to visit first. She has a special spirit about her, and knows nothing about the church.
    I am hoping to find someone ( a family or senior couple with a bit of time) who could host her for a few days in the second week of September. She plans to fly to SLC, and is especially interested in seeing Arches. etc (like all Europeans). Of course, I would love for her to visit Temple Square.
    Thank you for any help you could give me.
    I know it is short notice.


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