Monday, June 3, 2013

Kielce our last time here. What a great Branch (& city)!

With Young Women Conference still going on in the Mission Home, President and I needed to leave early to attend Sacrament Meeting in Kielce.  We headed out and left Sister Jarosz in charge...
 Our meetings in Kielce were wonderful.  These are some of the members who were in attendance today.  Our missionaries had four investigators and everything went just how it was planned.  We currently are renting this conference room and should be moving into our new Chapel location very soon.
After our meetings, we walked around the corner and down the busiest street in Kielce where our the new Chapel will be.  This week Poland celebrated Corpus Christi Day and "Children's Day". (Every American child's dream!)  There were still plenty of activities and displays everywhere.
At the top of the street, they had just finished giving a "Fire Truck" water show and let the children use the fire hoses to water everything down.  The main train station (Dworzec) of Kielce is in the background.
 From our new Chapel we will look down on this street.  Now when we tell investigators where our chapel is, they will know right where we are located.
One of our favorite leaders in Poland is President Najberg.  He is the Branch President and a great man.  We will miss him and this Branch.  They have always made us feel a part of them; and they will always be a part of us.

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