Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 2 for our New Missionaries & their Assignments

 Our new Missionaries were up early this morning ready to start their first FULL DAY of Missionary work in Poland. After spending the day contacting, teaching lessons and attending English class with some of our Missionaries serving in Warsaw, they anxiously returned home to find out who their real companions will be. Since Poland is so big and this is a large group, it was not practical to bring all the trainers in to meet their new trainees.  So...let's get started!
Elder Anderson will be serving in Lulbin with Elder Tiner.  Elder Tiner was our assistant until last week and will also be the Branch President in that great Branch.  He and Elder Anderson will be a great companionship.
Elder Hardy is assigned to Szczecin with Elder Kotter.  What a blessing that will be.  Elder Kotter is full of enthusiasm and life, and Elder Hardy is anxious to serve.
Elder Swicegood will be serving in Warsaw II with Elder Saltmarsh.  Since this is nearby, Elder Saltmarsh is with us tonight and can personally meet his new companion.  They will be heading out later tonight to stay in their apartment.  We are excited for these two to be together and all that is going on in that District and Branch.
Elder Fotu will be in Warsaw I serving with Elder Garfield.  Elder Garfield also was invited to meet his new companion. They will depart soon for their apartment to get settled tonight and then plan for tomorrow. This is another great companionship in one of our strongest branches. They will help the members and all that is going on.  These are hard working and dedicated Elders serving here.
Elder Pieper is assigned to Kielce and his companion is Elder Brown.  Kielce is moving this weekend into their new Branch Chapel, and this companionship is now in a new apartment.  These two Elders will see great success in Kielce.
Sister Ellis will be serving with Sister Blake in Wroclaw.  Great Sisters in a great Branch will mean great success.  We are excited for these two Sisters and all that is going to happen there.
Sister Petherbridge will be serving in Katowice and her companions are Sister Packard and Sister Pearson.  These Sisters will continue on with the great missionary effort in Katowice.  They will certainly find people to teach and invite them to follow the Savior.
Sister Ott will be serving in Warsaw I and with Sister Howells.  Sister Howells is in the Mission Home tonight to meet her new companion as these Sisters will leave for their apartment shortly.  Sister Howells and Sister Ott will be teaching some great investigators with baptismal dates in the near future.
Sister Whitely is assigned to Poznan and her new companion is Sister Bown.  Poznan is such a great branch. With these two wonderful Sisters, the work will continue to move forward as it has been.
Sister Hemming with be in Krakow with Sister Allen and Sister Young.  The Sisters were first assigned to Krakow our last transfer. They are setting the pace for the mission with lessons taught and great things going on in the branch.  We are excited for these three great Sisters.
Sister Mikalauski will be serving with Sister Holmgren and Sister Wendel in Lodz.  This is a great Branch in the Warsaw District, and these Sisters will see much success.  We are excited for all that has happened in Lodz, and more progress will come in the future.
Our newest Missionaries in the Poland Warsaw Mission ...with their trainers! All of these Missionaries will be leaving early in the morning to board trains for their new cities.  Elders Anderson, Hardy, Pieper.  Sisters Mikalauski, Ellis, Petherbridge, Hemming and Whiteley.  Sisters Ott and Howells with Elders Fotu, Garfield, Swicegood and Saltmarsh.
All except these 3 companionships. All their bags are loaded in the transporter, and they are ready to be dropped off at their new apartments. Planning at 9:00pm is next on their schedule!
Tomorrow is transfer day...which means many of our missionaries will be on trains traveling to their new assignments. They will be talking to everyone...because that's what we do. We talk to everyone about the wonderful message we have! The gospel is true...tell someone about it!

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