Saturday, June 22, 2013

Our last Saturday in Poland....busy as usual!

Saturday morning started early for us.  President was up very late last night, and I always wait up for him; but that didn't slow us down this morning.  We had something very important to attend to.
We drove by one of our favorite landmarks in Warsaw. On the sign of this 'Famous Chicken' outlet is "Prawdopodobnie najlepszy Kurczak w Warszawie". After learning this sentence, President began using the "prawdopodobnie najlepszy" (probably the best...) phrase for wszystko (everything).
Now back to the important business of the day...
This group, including President Spencer W. Kimball and Sister Kimball with David M. Kennedy and Sister Kennedy, assembled before walking over to a nearby grove to dedicate the country of Poland on August 24, 1977 for the preaching of the gospel.
We met the members of the Warsaw II Branch Council at that very spot for a morning of reflection and appreciation.   President gave them a little history of what happened in 1977 and 1986 here at Saski Ogrod.  The world was changing, and there were miracles in the works for leaders of nations to change and allow the gospel to be preached in this beautiful land.
We then walked to the location where President Kimball offered that dedicatory prayer.  It was a special occasion.  President Nielson and I have been here many times...during the snow, the rain, the sunshine and the hot days.  No matter what time of day or the climate, Saski Ogrod and this spot is the Sacred Grove of Poland.  This would be our last time (while serving as Mission President) visiting our most favorite place.
It was a wonderful setting and visit with these Church members.  They are doing great things in Warsaw II, and this year will make great strides in membership and activation.  The purpose of this visit was to remind ourselves of the promises that were made to Poland when we, the members all do our part.
Later, we this evening we held a fireside at the Wolska Chapel. President is never late to a meeting. Never.  Well, guess what happened? We thought the fireside started at 6:00pm, but the actual starting time was 5:00pm. Way to go! We arrived and the chapel was full.
My lesson was on commitment, and I had great group participation.  Agnieszka was my translator with Dagmara, Dominika and Patty all helping.  It came off without a flaw.
President spoke and had President Dresler translate for him.  It seems like last week we did this same thing...only It was three years ago when we arrived.  How time flies when you are having fun!
At the end of the fireside, the Branches, orchestrated by Elders Hutchinson, Jensen and President Jarosz, presented us with a plaque with the dedicatory prayer by President Kimball and the Prayer of Gratitude offered by President Monson on a piece of tree from the actual site of these prayers in Saski Park. This is truly a keepsake for us.  What a thoughtful gift and remembrance of the land we love. Thank you.

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