Monday, June 17, 2013

FHE and a BBQ (aka: Grill!) in Bydgoszcz

It's Monday night ....and in the Mormon church that means Family Home Evening. It's a night to spend with family learning about the gospel and having fun together. We decided to spend it with the Bydgoszcz Branch where they were having a Branch FHE and grill.
There were many helpers there getting everything ready for the crowd that would soon arrive.
Missionaries and members had found an ingenious way to get the chairs from the building to the backyard.    It's always faster to go through the building than around it!
I had the lesson for Family Home Evening. I was able to use lots of helpers as we learned about a gospel principle...being committed to return to our Heavenly Father, and how we do it.
President Nielson followed teaching the importance of simplifying our lives so we can serve and give service when called upon.
Everyone sat patiently and listened until....... was time to eat! Then the crowd moved to the table.
The weather was perfect for an evening grill behind the chapel.
The members enjoyed visiting with one another.....

....and President Nielson was able to catch up with one of our former missionaries! It was good to visit with Czarek and see that he is doing well.
After we ate, the Branch had something special for us....a few things to remember Poland by...beautiful handmade linens.
There were games, football and lots of fun going on. 
We appreciate all the good work President Zalewski does to help this Branch grow together and take care of one another.  He is a dear friend.
It was a fun, fun evening! But it's always great to spend time with people we love. Thank you Bydgoszcz Branch for making this Family Home Evening very special for us.  The Bydgoszcz Branch will always be special in our lives and in our hearts.  We love you all!

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