Thursday, July 7, 2011

Special Visitors and Departing Missionaries....

Returning from the train station, there was lots to do. Bedding had to be switched, towels had to be washed, meals had to be started......AND we had the privilege to make time for two very special guests who would be visiting us at the Mission Home.
This is Mr. and Mrs. Dabrowski (from California).....parents of Elder Dabrowski. They were in Poland visiting family and friends, and we were delighted that they had come to visit us! The Dabrowskis are Polish immigrants who fled the country during Communist times. We had a great visit and learned much about Polish history from these good people. Thank you for letting your son serve the Lord on a mission for His church. Elder Dabrowski is making a difference in the lives of many Polish people. We will love him and send him home safe in a year!
Then came the departing Missionaries...Sister Smith, Elder Augustyn and Elder Torke! Sister Smith and Elder Torke had finished their mission in Poznan...Elder Torke being the Branch President there. Elder Augustyn had come up from Lodz where he had been the District Leader. All three of these Missionaries couldn't believe that their missions were ending. They all seemed to be in a daze....and all were very tired.
After dinner with the Assistants and a great testimony meeting, it was time for our traditional 'tie cutting' ceremony!
Sister Smith left behind a scarf that she had worn almost every day during the cold winters of her mission...
Elder Torke was willing to leave his 'lucky baptism tie' in Poland.
And Elder Augustyn was willing to leave a tie with me.....maybe it's because he had just bought a ton of new ones at 'Adam's Tie Company'!
We will miss these great Missionaries in our Mission. They have bright futures ahead of them, but we hope they will keep us in their prayers as we continue to bring the gospel to the people of Poland who are looking for the truth. Good Luck Sister Smith, Elder Augustyn and Elder Torke! We love you and appreciate all the hard work you put into your missions.

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