Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Missionaries....Day 2!

Our new missionaries were ready to keep 'a missionary's schedule' as they were up at 6:30 am and getting ready for the day.

Elder Gudnason and Elder Roberts are busy studying their scriptures in the basement where the Elders stay......
...while Sister Folsom and Elder Pofelski had decided on the living room to do their studying.
After breakfast, we were all ready to take the short walk to the Mission Office to start their legal work. As we walked outside, we realized....

that is was MORE than drizzling....the rain was coming down hard. So we switched to plan B! We all crammed into President's car!

Letting Elder Roberts out of the trunk....he volunteered!
With their legal packets waiting for them in the conference room at the Mission Office, our new arrivals were ready to tackle this assignment.....legally entering the country!
We found that Elder Gudnason (far left) had it easy....he is from Iceland and has German citizenship....he basically sat and watched the others go through the frustrating paperwork. Our Office Elders (far right), Elders Murphey, Johnson and Sheridan made it as painless as possible. Also pictured...(Center) Elder Hillyard, our new Assistant!
After the office meeting, the Assistants were in charge of our new missionaries today. Normally, we take them to the Rynek where they can start contacting.....But the weather was not cooperating. Missionaries, however, always have a back-up plan, and our Assistants did.
Then they found themselves at the 'Warsaw '44 Uprising Museum' where they were able to learn some valuable history lessons. Already loving the Polish people, it made them appreciate them even more to see what this country has gone through. The Poles are a great people with a great heritage. Now, you might say....what about 'contacting'? They did it! Books of Mormons were placed, appointments were made as they traveled the city on buses. They talked to everyone.....and some even listened! That's why we are find those who are searching for the truth and want to follow the example of their Savior, Jesus Christ.

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