Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dane's last requests before leaving for the States!

Dane had a few requests before he headed back to the States. The first was he wanted to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe and buy a t-shirt.....Simple! The restarant is across from the Cultural Center. This was one of those rainy days.
The lunch was great and guess what?? They even had his size of T-shirt in stock. (I have been trying to get him one since last Christmas and all they have had is XXL...they finally got a shipment in!

For his next request, well that was a little harder to involved taking President Nielson away from his duties for an hour! Growing up, Dane and his Dad have spent many hours on the golf course together and Dane wanted to go golfing with his Dad. Unfortunately, golf courses are hard to find in Poland, but we do have a really nice driving range close to the Mission Home. the driving range we went!
And this is how it went! As we got the clubs and the golf balls, the phone calls started coming, and they kept coming.... so much for this.
Well, if President Nielson isn't going to 'get into the swing of things'...I was! (This could be the first time I have been on a driving range....I can't remember....I'm too old!)
And we swung! I MEANT to take a practice swing, OK? (Not really...I missed! the ball is still on the tee...We are trying to baptize, and I have to be honest!)
President Nielson finally put down his phone, and we had a great time. I think he even had a little fun!
Well....Dane's two wishes were met and he is ready to fly home tomorrow. It was great having him here. We love him and are proud of all he is accomplishing. Now....back to the mission with 100% of our thoughts. We are actually able to stay in Warsaw all next week (and regroup!) ....and I am looking forward to it!


  1. Whoa! A whole week in Warsaw!?! Where you live!?! It IS a miracle! :)

  2. Loved the play by play...and all the honesty! You guys are awesome!


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