Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Katowice Zone Leadership Training

Tuesday morning we were up early to catch a train to Katowice for Zone Leadership Training. Richard Nabozny (1st Councilor in the Mission Presidency)was coming to to help with some language training. We are implimenting a great new language program to assist our missionaries with this challenging language.
President, Brother Nabozny, and our Assistants, Elders Hillyanrd and Eastman.
On the train we met Sylwia. The Elders were able to teach her a first lesson and give her a Book of Mormon, which she was very interested to read. She was one of those people that you know you are meant to meet. As President Monson says, "there are no coinsidences". She was assigned to our car and everything just went so great. President turned on his iPad and recorded the lesson- no one knew he was doing this. It will be one of those events we will take home and cherish the moment. The elders were testifying, she was asking wonderful questions, it was a great ride. She is moving close to Kielce and hopefully we will have contact with her in the future.

The Leaders of the Katowice Zone. President Nabozny teaching the language course. Elders Curtis, Klosowiak, Sister Allen (new trainer), Elders Eastman and Hillyard. On the back row are Elders Dabrowski, Tribe and Siebert.
While the training meeting was going on, Sister Folsom and I...
....were out getting things ready for lunch. The fruit and vegetable stands on the streets are the best places to buy fresh produce.

Meanwhile, two other Elders whose companions were in the meeting were out contacting.

Elder Jensen talking to a young mother about the Plan of Happiness.
Elder Bode not giving up on his contact. Sister Folsom and I would be out on the street after lunch to join these two great Elders in finding those who were looking for the truth or at least to attend a 'free' English class!
Lunch time: Elder Curtis (Katowice Zone Leader), Elder Hillyard (Assistant), and Elder Jensen(hard-working Elder!).
Sister Allen and her Trainee, Sister Folsom...who has been 'in country' for exactly one week and her language is awesome.
Elder Klosowiak (Krakow District Leader), Elder Seibert (Katowice District Leader) and Elder Tribe (Wroclaw District Leader/Trainer).

Elder Bode and Elder Dabrowski (Katowice Zone Leader).
After lunch...Elders Bode and Fletcher, Sister Folsom and I went back on the street contacting.
Do you see anyone you recognize? Here I am talking to a potential Investigator. (My kids have always said that I could talk to anyone....well, here I am using my 'talent'!)
Elders Jensen, Bode and me. We contacted for almost 2 hours. Placed Books of Mormons, set up some meetings, even taught some people on the spot. I have to admit.....I was exhausted after this. We Senior Missionaries can't quite keep up with our energetic young ones! It was a good day.....now a train ride to look forward to.....and the rest of the week! Warsaw tomorrow, Bydgoszcz Friday, Szczecin Saturday and Sunday, Poznan on Monday, then we start over again... There is never a dull moment in this mission! I love this church!

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  1. My name is Leeann Toone and I'm Sister Folsom's aunt. Thank you so much for keeping this blog! It is awesome. I wish there had been blogs when my boys served their missions! Many years ago I found our family in the Opole area and had always hoped one of our family would serve a mission to Poland. The blog enables me to see my sweet niece serving in the land of our ancestors! Thank you so much!


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