Saturday, July 23, 2011

Senior Missionaries Departing and Arriving!

We love our Senior Missionaries. They are so essential in building the church here in Poland. They bring with them years of church experience, the desire to work hard and a great attitude! It is always sad to see one go home. Sister Austin, a Single Sister, has served faithfully for 18 months and is about to return to her home in Arizona.
Sister Briggs, a former companion, and our Assistants, Elders Eastman and Hillyard (who have served with Sister Austin in Bydgoszcz and Katowice) all came to a 'good-bye' dinner to see this great Sister off!
When it came to our special 'tie cutting ceremony', Sister Austin was prepared! She is an expert seamstress/quilter and had actually made her own quilt square including a strip from a favorite grey skirt and a pink strip...her favorite color! There is no way I could cut this! And I didn't!

Thank you, Sister Austin, for giving 110% the last 18 months to serve the people of Poland. Thank you for your great attitude as it was necessary to move you around to different cities. Thank you for all the times you came to MY rescue and helped me in the kitchen. But most of all, thank you for your testimony! We love you and wish you the very best!

There was very little time to mourn the loss of Sister Austin.....a few hours later, we were back at the airport picking up our new Senior Couple......
....Elder McGrath...

...and Sister McGrath.
The Office Staff, Elder and Sister Richards and Elders Sheridan and Johnson came to the Mission Home to orient the McGraths and give them keys to their apartment.
We are excited to have this great couple serving in Poland. They bring with them a lot of experience and enthusiasm. A sidenote: While visiting, President Nielson and Elder McGrath
realized that they had probably spoken in Las Vegas as Elder McGrath served as a Bishop in one of the UNLV singles wards.
AND THEY'RE OFF!!! On a rainy, over-cast day our new couple started down the road headed to Katowice where they will be serving as the Young Single Adult couple in the branch. The YSA program in Katowice is really taking off and there is much to do! We welcome the McGraths to Katowice and to POLAND.

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