Sunday, July 24, 2011

A beautiful Sunday spent in Gdansk.

This weekend we found ourselves in the beautiful city of Gdansk....and guess who else we found there?
Our youngest son, Dane, has been in London for the summer attending a semester of law school specializing in sports and entertainment law. As he was headed back to the States, he decided to swing by and see us! It was great to be able to show him another part of this wonderful country that we live in.
It's Sunday on Dlugi Targ....a very busy tourist day.
The Police are all over, even in the canal, to make sure that everyone is behaving!
Business is usual as the ships dock to unload all the amber shoppers. Little do these people know (and that's why we are here), there is really something better to do on a beautiful Sunday...That is attending church and showing Heavenly Father that you love him and are thankful for all he has given you!

And that's where we found ourselves.....mingling with the Saints at the Gdansk Branch!
Sister Lewis (left) and Magda (right) do a wonderful job teaching Primary! (Sister Lewis even teaches in Polish!) Today we had a visitor from Bydgoszcz...Ola (center)! She and Claudia were fast friends!
Marinela (Center) taught a great lesson on Jesus Christ and John the Baptist.
As Sunday School was being held, the Elders were teaching Investigators in the Gospel Principles class. Elders Gladun and Garrett with Anja.
Some of the Priesthood leadership in the Gdansk Branch: (L toR): Elder Zatylny-full time Missionary who offers much member support and training; Branch President Kempa-who does a great job leading and tending to the affairs of the branch; and Brother Lewis-1st Counselor in the Branch Presidency who helps with training and is a great help to this branch.
Elders Gudnason and Krzyminski with Maciek-an Investigator.
It was so great to be in the Gdansk Branch and to be able to introduce Dane to some of its great members.
After church, the Lewis' kindly invited us to their home for dinner.
It was delicious, and it was great to have some home-cooked American food....that someone else made! The Lewis' are in Gdansk for 2 years for work. They are such a support to this Branch. Thank you for all you do to help the church grow in this area. You are making a difference!

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