Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Missionaries!!!

A trip to the airport to pick up new arriving Missionaries is always an adventure. This trip was no different. We are used to lost luggage....that is a regular occurence...but this trip we also lost the Missionaries! After waiting at Terminal A for quite some time, President sent the Assistants to Terminal B to look for them...and they were found!

Our newest Missionaries of the Poland Warsaw Mission. I'd like you to meet them one at a time!

Sister Folsom is from Sherwood, Oregon. She was asked to say the blessing on the food tonight at dinner, and her Polish is amazing! We are excited to have another Sister in our Mission.

Elder Roberts is from West Valley City, Utah. As he set foot outside the airport, he said that he felt like he was home. He is ready to serve the Lord here in Poland.

Now, Elder Pofelski's parents may not recognize his luggage. He 'borrowed' some to walk out of the airport. This great Elder's luggage (neither of the two suitcases) didn't make it to Poland with him, but he has a great attitude. We expect to see his bags tomorrow. Meanwhile, we were able to supply him with all he needs for the next day.

Elder Gudnason is from Iceland and knows several languages. He is excited to add 'Polish' to the list. He is ready to serve and is prepared having lived in Iceland, Germany and Denmark.

We had two extra people waiting for these Missionaries to arrive. The first was Ada Jarosz who has just returned from two semesters at BYU Provo. Ada was able to go volunteer at the MTC to help our 3 Elders and Sister learn polish. The missionaries were excited to see a familiar face.

And...Brother Jarosz...pretending he was a new missionary ready to serve. (He is Poland's biggest ham!) And we love him!

Starving Missionaries eating our traditional 'Welcome to Poland' dinner...spagetti! They devoured it! We also were saying 'good-bye' to two great Elders who have received new assignments...Elder Murphey (2nd from right) is leaving the Office to be a Zone Leader in Bydgoszcz, and Elder Garrett (Center) our 1st Assistant is being transfered to Gdansk. We will truly miss these two Elders and appreciate all their hard work. Good luck in your new assignments. We love you! In fact.....we love ALL our Missionaries. There are not better Missionaries anywhere in the world. We feel blessed to serve along side them!


  1. I have been following your blog since my friend Susan (Sister Folsom) got her call. It's so incredible and unbelievable to finally see her face on your page. You will soon learn how truly blessed you are to have such a wonderful sister serving with you. Thank you so much for this blog and allowing us all to follow our missionaries!

  2. We have been following the blog for months and looking forward to the day our missionary arrived in Warsaw in one piece. Never mind the luggage. Thank you for this tremendous lifeline that fills the gaps between letters.


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