Thursday, July 7, 2011

Poland Warsaw Mission transfer day 7/7/11

Well, it's transfer day; and that means that not only our new missionaries find out where they are going, but there will be changes for MANY missionaries in the mission as well.
A very hard transfer is when it's time to transfer an Assistant. Elder Garrett has served faithfully as President Nielson's 'right-hand-man' for several months. It is now time for him to take all that he has learned and go back out into the field. He is heading up to Gdansk to work with the great missionaries in that area. Good luck, Elder Garrett. We love you!

Now, back to our New Missionaries and their assignments.....
Sister Folsom will be taking the train down to Katowice and will be trained by Sister Allen.
Elder Gudnason will be traveling with Elder Garrett and will be serving in Gdansk with his new companion/Trainer, Elder Krzyminski.
Elder Roberts will be trained by Elder Tribe, a former Assistant, and he will be serving in Wroclaw.
And Elder Pofelski will serve in Lodz alongside his Trainer, Elder Hannemann.

Our newest Missionaries are excited and eagar to serve. President Nielson has assigned them to some of the best Missionaries in the mission to be their first companions. We know great blessings will come to these Missionaries as they listen to not only thier Trainers, but to the Spirit as well.

Our Assistants, Elders Hillyard, Eastman and Garrett grab a 'quick bite' before loading all the Trainees and their luggage into the cars to head for the train station.

The 'hub' on transfer day.....out in front of the busiest train station in Poland....Warszawa Centralna!

And this is what these new missionaries have to traverse through to get to their respective trains. (If you blow this picture up, you can see a group of missionaries in the top right hand corner.)

Our Elders take very good care of our Sisters as you can see by the picture below: Elder Murphey is helping Sister Folsom manuever her lugguage onto her train to Katowice.

Pictured Below: Elders Gundason, Vreeken, Kennedy, Lundin, Hooker, Sheridan, Johnson, Garrett and Murphey. All helping with transfers or being transferred! (Yes, and those are our Assistants in the back showing off!)

Some of the great Sisters serving in the Poland Warsaw Mission....(L to R)Sister Bailey (who is waiting to pick up her new companion, Sister Jones); Sister Stay (who is transferring to Lodz); and Sister Ellis (who is waiting for her companion, Sister Mann, to come in on a train). We love the Sisters in this Mission. They are all such hard workers, have very strong testimonies and are here to serve their Savior.

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