Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekend in Wroclaw! Probably our last :(

We headed to Wroclaw this weekend for an opportunity to be with one of our wonderful branches in Poland.  Like all Polish Saints, these are some of the best, most faithful in the world.
The Wroclaw Branch: This Branch is FULL of children. It has been so fun watching them grow up over the past 3 years. We have MANY future missionaries in the group!
Saturday when we first arrived in Wroclaw, we met with Elder and Sister Durrant. They are doing great. They had just gotten settled in their apartment the day before as they had been in training in Lodz for the past 2 1/2 days. They are fitting in nicely!
Sunday, we made our way to the Church. Meetings are held on the 2nd floor of the above building.  The open window is where the Chapel is located and the glass corner is the front of the Chapel.
When we arrived, the chapel was all set up and looked wonderful. We are ready for the members and investigators to arrive.  During class time, I wandered around to enjoy all that was going on.
Sister Zan is teaching Nursery where Kuba and Emilie have just been singing "I'm Trying to be Like Jesus". Above, I interrupted 'snack time' for a fast photo. Who needs fishy crackers (which they do not have here) when you have a cinnamon roll?
My next stop was Primary. Samuel, Cynthia, Johan and Damian were learning about making baptismal covenants with Heavenly Father. Sister Cielinska did a great job teaching while Sister Call assisted.
On to the 2nd hour of classes...Young Women's is taught by Sister Zan. Our beautiful Laurels are Cindy, Gbrysia, and Songa.  They are excited to not only attend the YW conference held in Warsaw in May, but EFY as well being held in Germany this year.  Lots of fun times!
Relief Society was taught by Ula (front right) who did a beautiful job bearing her testimony of the importance and blessings of going to the temple. The Sisters participated and testified. There was a wonderful spirit during the lesson.  The "Latter-Day Saint women ARE incredible!"(Elder Cook, Ensign May 2011)
The Missionaries of the Wroclaw Branch:  Elders Weir and Stumpf, Elder and Sister Durrant, Sisters Smithee and Ence. We love and appreciate these Missionaries who do so much to strengthen the Branch.
Even though we may not return to Wroclaw on a Sunday, we are thrilled that we will see most of these good members in 2 weeks at the Katowice District Conference. And you never know....You really never have to say 'good-bye' because in the Church, the world is very small!

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