Monday, April 22, 2013

P-day April 22, 2013

P-days (Preparation Days) are for getting everything done so the rest of the week will not be interrupted.  Some may think that on P-day you sightsee or visit places.  I can count on one hand the actual days we have taken to go and see things...  This morning was no different. Lots to do!
We had blocked off 4 hours to take care of "Residence Card" issues for 10 of our missionaries.  They needed to travel into Warsaw today, complete what was left for their "Residence Cards", and then travel home.  We were hoping for some heavenly help; because depending on the day (and the disposition of some of the employees) at this government office, it could be difficult and other delays could occur.
9:45am:  Our Office Elders arrive to get in line (and take a number) for our missionaries from around Poland that are coming in to pick up their Residence Cards (like a Visa) which will allow them to stay in Poland for 2 years.  This is a tedious process and something we must take seriously and do all we can to expedite.  (LtoR): Elders Walter (his last day in this assignment as he heads to Krakow this afternoon), Register and Bokinsky.
10:07am:  Elder J Smith (Lodz) drives up in a taxi from the Train Station.  The Assistants are at the Train Station to guide arriving missionaries up the stairs, into taxis and over to the Government Office. Elder Smith arrives and President is there to pay the cab driver.  It just so happens that the driver told Elder Smith the amount; and it was paid before President could intervene.
When Elder Smith told President how much the driver demanded you can tell by the look that "we were taken"! Elder Smith did what was right and paid the driver; but to say the least, the driver took full advantage of this honest Elder.  President wanted to run after the taxi but it was too late...
10:10am: The Elders, being nice and respectful, somehow got "bumped" to the back of the line.  Soon the doors were opened, and we were starting to move...   They went in, got "numbers" and were waiting for everyone else to arrive.
10:27am: Elders Peacock (Lublin), Stockford (Krakow), Finch (Lublin) and Szymanski (Krakow) arrive.  President is in the back making sure the taxi cab driver was paid the "correct" amount and then steered everyone into the Government Building and to where the "already standing in line" Office Elders were.   This went on for the next 25 minutes.  Missionaries arriving in taxis from the train station and then directed upstairs, given a number and ready to meet with officials.
Now that everyone has arrived, it is just a waiting game.  Elders Brown (Katowice), Harris (Bydgoszcz), Bokinsky (Office), Register (Office), Walter (soon to be Krakow), Peacock (Lublin), Lanham (Kielce), Stockford (Krakow), Szymanski (Krakow), Sister Bown (Poznan), Elders Finch (Lublin), Dodge (Bydgoszcz), and Smith (Lodz).
11:03am:  The Krakow-bound Elders and their New Residence Cards.  They are official and can be in Poland as missionaries.  (Elders Walter, Szymanski and Stockford.)  Now back to the train station to catch an earlier train back to Krakow.
Elder Walter drove the Office Elders' car back to the train station with his luggage and new companions and I went with them.  I will drive the car back and use it again for shuttling missionaries back for their departing trains.
11:18am:  Next to come out with their Residence Cards are Elders Smith (Lodz), Peacock and Finch (both in Lublin).  Into the car waiting for them and back to the train Station.
11:27am:  Elders Brown and Lanham are good to go with their "cards".  Now it's back to Katowice and Kielce respectively.
11:29am:   Sister Bown with her "card" and her companion Sister Bezdjian, who had been out contacting people on the street. (I was the Jr. Companion!)  The Assistants had finished with their 'traffic directing' assignment at the train station and were now ready to shuttle both of these great Sisters back to catch the next train to Poznan.
11:47am:  Elders Dodge and Harris are good to go with their 'Residence Cards'. Now it's back to Bydgoszcz.
11:48am:  The Assistants pick them up and taxi them to the Dworzec (train station).  They were able to catch an earlier train,also.
11:50am- (Two tired Office work is stressful.) Now, it's time for Elder Register to take care of his own legal guidelines.  We are grateful for  the events of this morning.  We saw many 'tender mercies' of the Lord.  The fact that we had so many come in and get out so fast was a miracle in itself. What does that tell you? It tells me that the Lord wants His missionaries in Poland teaching His gospel to these great people!
So much was accomplished today.....It was a GREAT P-Day!

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  1. I love reading your blog. It is great to hear about your mission on the other side of the world. I haven't commented for a long time. Don't know if you knew, we are on another (?) mission. Temple President and Matron in Porto Alegre Brazil. We see often the Mission Presidents in this area. Love following the great work of the Lord. Enjoy each day. In a few years we can get together and share stories.


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