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Katowice District Conference April 27-28, 2013

The Katowice District Conference started off with Priesthood Leadership Meeting and Relief Society Meeting Saturday afternoon. 
It was great to meet with the sisters of the District and talk about supporting the Priesthood, examples we find in the scriptures of how God loves His daughters and principles that make a good leader.
As the adults were meeting, the Primary children had an Activity Day. (A BIG thank you to our Senior Sister Missionaries-  Sisters Reed and Durrant for making this possible!) Here they are making their 'mouse ears' after they have learned about being reverent in church....'quiet as a mouse'!
Many activities were in store for the day...one being learning how to 'put on the Armor of God" to live a happy and safe life. 
An adult session of Conference was planned with Elder Olsson this night. But before everyone left to get a good rest for the District Conference in the morning, lingering and visiting was in order.
President Nielson and Spencer got re-acquainted. (There has been a special bond between these two since Spencer was just a baby.)  We have watched Spencer grow up.  He was a baby when we arrived.
And there was a 'fuse-ball' tournament between the boys and the girls...(I think the girls won!)
Following the meetings on Saturday and when everyone finally cleared out, Elder Reed was busy cleaning the chapel in preparation for Sundays General Session of District Conference.  This is what we love about our Senior Missionaries.  Whatever needs to get done, they do it. 
Sunday April 28 was a wonderful day in the District.  We were just shy of 100 in attendance.
The District Presidency was released.  Presidents Krzykawski, Pawlik and Gaskell have served so well.  We thank them for all that they have done.  President Pawlik has been the District President for more than eight years.  Thank you, President Pawlik, so very much for your leadership and service. 
The new Katowice District Presidency.  Standing between President and Elder Olsson are President Zan (Katowice District President) and President Krzykawski (First Counselor).  We are excited to see these great men continue to lead the Church in this wonderful District.
One important item of business was Marcin (front) receiving the Melchizedek Priesthood.  President Najberg (Kielce Branch President) standing next to him has helped him prepare for this great event.
Our first meeting of the morning was the New Convert Meeting.  These are some of the great new members of the Church in the Katowice District that have joined the Church since our last conference. Jacek, Agata,  Marcin, Daria, Patryk, Marcin and Adam.  Each were presented with a white corsage so all the members could greet them.
The Branch Presidents from the District.  President Kucia (Krakow), Najberg (Kielce), Urban (Katowice) and Rafal (counselor in Katowice and our great translator in any meeting)  We need these great men as the Church grows.  We thank them for serving and building these Branches.
Some of the members from the Kielce Branch-  President Najberg, Michol, Marcin, Ola, Martyna, Ela, Elders Baranowski and Lanham with Brother Pawlik.
This sweet sister from Kielce, Ola, gave me this beautiful embroidered table linen that she had made. She is very talented.....I love it!
Some of our missionaries in the District.  From Katowice-  Sisters Holmgren and Packard, Elders Rittmanic, Brown, Pofelski, Dopp, Sister and Elder Reed.  Coming from Wroclaw are Sister and Elder Durrant.  Like Elder and Sister Reed,  Elder and Sister Durrant worked the entire weekend cleaning, serving food, playing with the Primary, answering the door, welcoming arrivals and everything that needed attention.  We love our Senior Missionaries.  We love all our Missionaries.  Future, present and past.  They are the Best in the Church.
Some of the members from Krakow.  Jacek, Felicity, Sara, Spencer, Mitch and President Kucia.
The Call family recently returned to Poland.  This is one of the great Polish families in the Church.
Sisters Packard and Holmgren were welcoming Sylwia to the Conference.  This wonderful investigator brings a great spirit with her.  We were so happy she was with us this weekend.
These good members from the Ukraine were in Krakow visiting. They were going to attend church in Krakow but found out it was District Conference this weekend....so they drove to Katowice to be with the Saints here. They were a great addition to the conference.
President and Sister Zan.  They have three active sons.  They are expecting their fourth child and are another great family in the Church in Poland.  We are again thrilled for President Zan and his new calling.
A great surprise and thrill was having some of our former missionaries in town on vacation.  Sister Day (former Helfrich) and her husband along with Brother Kalinowski (former Elder) with Amanda (they will be married in the Oakland Temple in August) were all able to attend Sunday morning conference.  Gosia and Dorota were happy to visit with their great friends.
I have to include these two great friends ... President Urban and Patryk (Branch Mission Leader) are synonymous with 'Katowice Branch'. 
More good Priesthood brethren from the District: Marek, Pawel (Katowice) and Brother Dziubla (Krakow).
Since tonight President is calling the mission regarding transfers (this Thursday) he decided, because some of the missionaries were with him, to visit and let them know if they needed to start packing their belongings tomorrow during P-day for Thursday's transfer.  He found the library to be a quiet place to visit.  Yes, Elder Baranowski will be transferring (this isn't supposed to be officially announced yet...) and heading to Bialystok.  President was not aware of this, but Elder Baranowski has living relatives in that great city in the Northeastern part of Poland.  It was a great night for Elder Baranowski to receive this news.
Then the other business started.   The many phone calls of a mission president.  President has spent many a phone call in this little library.  We have some issues in Lublin, Warsaw and Szczecin that needed his attention.  All good things but when the calls come, you answer them.
We enjoyed a great Katowice District Conference.   It is marvelous for our members to come to these conferences.  When you are in a Branch and the meetings are 10-15 people and you come to a conference of 100 in attendance there is real excitement.  Yes, it's like going to the Conference Center.  The same feelings and the same spirit.  Of the meetings we will miss the most are these District Conferences.  Some of the strongest spiritual meetings we have attended in our lives are in these small Branches and these conferences.  I love this Church.  I love that the Lord blesses our lives regardless of where we live and how big the Church is in our area.  The Church is true. The Gospel is absolutely what every person on this earth needs.

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