Tuesday, April 9, 2013

General Conference Broadcast April 6 & 7, 2013

Saturday afternoon we showed up for our first session of General Conference.
The English translation is broadcast in the Relief Society room.  With the chairs arranged how they are, some in the back can't see as well.  So the Elders figured out a way to make is more "user friendly".
We appreciate Elders Manwill, Wilson, Register, Boyce, Walter and Garfield for their 'strength' and service.
Prior to the Saturday session, the Young Women broadcast was shown.  Some of the Young Women (and their mothers) gathered before the broadcast enjoyed a great luncheon afterwards. Each Young Woman made her favorite dish to share with the others.  These girls are excellent cooks!  It was a huge success and a tradition that I hope continues.
Our translation committee was getting ready for an all-night event.  Brother Gladun (the former Elder Gladun) assisted this year and did a great job.
Other members who assisted in the translation were Agnieszka, President Dresler and President Cielinski.
A special 
'thank you' to Wioletta (center) who makes sure everything runs smoothly and Magda (right) for helping as well.  Agnieszka (one of our YSAs) is getting extremely good with her English and translations.
For our Sunday morning broadcast, we listened to the General Priesthood session.  Some of the Priesthood who attended this broadcast.
In between sessions, lots was going on. President was able to do a number of temple recommend interviews.  Here he is with a great friend, Zbyszek.
Our Senior missionaries, Sisters Hutchinson and Jensen, were able to 'practice their English' with Sister Pickett (center) as they caught up on news in the Church.
The Warsaw District Presidency also held a planning meeting in between sessions.  We are grateful for Presidents Armstrong,  Dresler and Pogorzelski.
Sto Lat! It was a happy day for Magda and Elder Garfield.  Both celebrated birthdays and everyone sang to them as we had a very casual lunch following the Saturday afternoon session viewed Sunday from 2-4pm.
How blessed we are as a Church to be able to hear the words of our Prophet and Apostles and others during General Conference held twice a year. We hear things the Lord wants us to know....right now!
Our Polish Saints gathered to hear these words...Above: Julia, Bogdan and family. It was also a great opportunity for our missionaries to bring Investigators to hear the words of a living prophet....and they did. Between sessions, lessons were being taught and questions were answered.
Sisters Allen and Howells with a mother and daughter who will be getting baptized this next Saturday. And what does a missionary do when they have a free moment even in between Conference sessions?
 They make calls and set up appointments just like Sisters Lenhart and Young are doing above. No minute is ever wasted. There is much to be done and many people to talk to in Poland....
I love General Conference week-end! I am grateful I belong to a Church that is led by a living Prophet, President Thomas S. Monson. I know that when you 'follow the prophet, you won't go astray!' (Yes, this is one of my favorite Primary songs!)

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