Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dominika receives her mission call !!!

About five weeks ago, Dominika from Lodz submitted her mission papers.  She has been anxiously waiting to receive her very important letter.  When it came to the Mission Office, President called her.  She was on the next train to Warsaw...
Arriving at the train station, we set out to find the Peron she was coming in on.
We arrived just as Dominika was coming off the train, and she spotted us.  She was so eager to get what she came for...
Her mission call!  As you can see, she wanted to hold it.
She had to catch her breath and calm down for a minute.  She was so excited about this day!
She was going right back to Lodz because of work and other business.  So we went across the street to the Zloty Terrace (President's office away from his office). They sat for a minute and talked about what this mission call means. 
Now was the big moment.  Dominika was quite shaky at this point...  She opened the letter and read that she had been called to the....
Illinois Chicago Mission!   She screamed and everyone around us looked to see what was going on.
A picture is worth a thousand words...  This was really great news for her...and the Church.
She wanted to make sure it said "Chicago".   Can you have a better smile?
Dominika is so happy.  She read through the Mission Packet, and she reports to the MTC in Provo, Utah on September 3.
Then she needed to call her mother, friends and then take a minute and breathe.  This was so exciting to see this.  There were people all around wondering what this great news was all about.
Coongratulations, Dominika, on your mission call to the Illinois Chicago Mission. You will be a great servant of the Lord. Your new Mission President and his wife are blessed to have you.
It was a memorable moment at the Train Station in Warsaw.  What great news.  Dominika will be a great missionary.  She is ready and so very anxious to serve the Lord.  We are so happy for her.
Poland now has 5 missionaries in the field, 2 that have received calls (both to the Illinois Chicago Mission) and one filling out papers now.  We recently had 2 return home from completing excellent missions (Poland Warsaw Mission and England London South).  This is so exciting to see the Church grow. These missionaries will bring strength to the Church in years to come.  This is so GREAT!

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